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Tyler Comeau

Guru,in the new Black Ops 3 zombies map,when you are doing one of the easter egg,you have to stop a clock tower at a specific time and a lighting bolt even strikes the clock tower,so it has to be a reference to Back To The Future.



Anyone else wonder why they don't show the ball going in from ground level, I'm starting to think a lot of their videos are fake, I mean they make these amazing shots in one attempt, why aren't they in the NBA?

Amanda Harty

How do you guys do this stuff?!?


Nobody shows videos of easter eggs as good as you do Guru :)

Fuke Gewgelplus

4:00 they canceled the sequal


Oh damn.. oh damn... I was kicked out of many groups because I questioned them... Now I know I did the right thing... Never realised this kind of thinking had a name..

caleb hensel

i can't even throw a basketball that far.

Abra Cadabra with Cathy

Sadly I’m not in your country I’m in Australia:(so I can’t come


1:23 on the right is smile dog :(

supleokid YT and Twitch

1:44 Garret put so much work into making that castle and Tyler had to ruin it. Sad😥

Benjamin Gregory


Corbett Gray

That's funny the first one he was coach from left for dead 2 XDXD

Ray Espinoza


Bernard Tanto

I like This. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Logan Cooney

In the first truck shot there were so many fansIIIV

Werewolf Minecrafter

I never had my period before, but my mother told me that period cramps hurt so much, I RESPECT YOU SO MUCH GIRL THAT IM CRYING!!!! And I love the anime convention I am an anime freak lol

sees something move

Rene V

I thought it was Swae Lee from the thumbnail


hahaha HAS to be fake if its real WOW i am amazed!

Epic Gaming

Brady sucks

The only living nightmare living nightmare

I feel you.

Don Korvus

Let’s get at these Economic Empowerment Zones like Nip and Dave Gross. My Liberty City community in Miami is one. Is YOURS? Go online and find out. Get some plans together if they are. I have some ideas I’m implementing for My Community. Don’t let THEM gentrify it. Bomb first.

Lunar Z-Slayer

Background Music? 1

ken sattler



Please Google Findus Crispy Pancake in the UK!

Blaze Bui

what editing program do u use to make these awesome videos?

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

Anyone notice the nerf sign above the exit sign

Warlover 45

I have a feeling this is all staged

Joseph Howell

lol panda pickle


Is the stuff that you break and throw around for the rage monster new stuff or older things




Wait...when did the movie even released? I bet it floped.

Nika Martin

I loved this story, and we need more people like you (:

Wolfy Wolf

I MEAN 4months

australien kangoroo12

Chaad! Come clean this up! 1like for poor chad.


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