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Another Easter egg, Mike his El in the closet, like they did in ET

Now With Less Aids


P s she's not doing good

Simply Shay


Sarah Strausbaugh


Tho I'm not pretty enough for that

Lee Mason

were people really tht slow to not get these themselves lol all it takes is abit of thinking


door is very awesome xD

Arc Ray

you might need to have a video on all the Battlefield Friends easter eggs from that one game, i went looking for a video of all of them and no one has it. and one of the videos was 10 minutes long, with half of it being about how to find the easter egg with the other half being advertising the channel. the audio was so quiet too, more people should do things the way you do Guru!

Sergi Bonell

God, these videos are hilarious and interesting at the same time I love you Guru

Paula Hamilton


This Story is Absolu “The love of my life passed away”

Noah Baron

Let me get this straight. In his worst game of the series, Steph scores 27 points on 41% shooting, and all of a sudden he's a disappointment? He's been averaging 35 points per game since Durant got hurt. Without Steph Curry, they would not have beat the Rockets, they would not have beat the Blazers. He did everything he could in game 3, scored or assisted well over half of the team's points, yet they still lost. Why? Because the Warriors right now only have two guys who can score, and Klay wasn't even healthy in game 3. You can't beat a finals caliber team with one scorer. So in game 4 yes they did get Klay back, and yes Steph did have a down game. But he scored 27 points, he wasn't awful. The problem was that, yet again, nobody outside of Steph and Klay could score on the team. They had 55 points on 50% shooting, the rest of the team combined only had 37 points (on 39% shooting)! If you want someone to blame look to Draymond Green; without KD and with Klay missing part of the series, he has managed a pathetic 13 points and FIVE turnovers per game, despite playing more than 40 minutes each game and often getting wide open looks because Steph is being doubled. He has been a bonafide scrub while Steph has averaged 33 points per game in the finals despite being double teamed the entire time. These anti-Steph hot takes are utter nonsense.

That all said, this video was nice in that it helps me not feels so alien, that others understand what i too go through. If I can offer any advice for my 37 years of existence with this is, forgive. Just forgive, yourself, others, the past, the future. Just forgive yourself for your failing and just remember, you're only human and humans are just really smart monkeys. So forgive the monkeys for being monkeys, even if they should know better.

한솔 h a n s o l

I wanted to tell my mom last year about some kind of help that i needed for my depression and anxiety due to the fact that i couldn’t even go at out without crying and throwing up. I didn’t even tell her how I felt that she immediately laughed at me saying that “it’s just I phase” and continued whatever she was doing. ‘That phase’ started almost four years ago and is still going on, I’ve gave up on seeking help.

Epic Phenom

Beşiktaş maçı var demeyi çok seviyorum 😘

Marc Gelfor

Even Nate Diaz has respect for Tony. Long ago Conor tried to get Nate to fight Tony, and Nate was like..."What, you want me to do your dirty work foe you? F nah"

John Mayfield

Whenever they saw the go cart coolers there are goPROS on them

S. Lamb



do giant hockey

The fastest gragas

Get somebody from an Atl team

Manny T.

There's a whole lot of shit for Rockstar to work on in their Red Dead and GTA series. It could turn from a horror to a Sci-fi to a supernatural.


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