Hare Krishna Mantra

Hare Krishna, Hare KrishnaKrishna Krishna, Hare HareHare Rama, Hare RamaRama Rama, Hare HareTarana & Friends Love in action

Lianne Sings

watching this as my grandpa on my mom's side passed away earlier this morning. please pray for my family

Satish Prince

Poor coby


marcella cortes


isabel watches videos

Aww😔 one of my friends experienced something like that. I cant say that i feel ya coz i cant and hopefully never will but i know it happens. Im sorry

Tasia Carll

They arent coming anywhere near the north east soo

Sarry Berry

Gettin lazy with that description



Lost Memory

I buyed the dude perfect game and the level editor. But how dó i use the level editor?

Presidentialrockstar765 3759

So you turned 5 right so 9 years later your 14 but you said you were 13 in the beginning WTF

Ayla Orge

Don't worry I have a friend who has bad anxiety. I'm not gonna say her name because I don't have her permission to say her name. You are not alone. Tons of people have anxiety.

Ryan Ahm

Nice dudes!


Paige S

Football trick shots with one of the Falcons Players (Vic B. Or Matt R.)

almond milk milk

Nobody: I'M WEIRD

Charnel Poirier

Its only a costume

N/ A

Why don’t u have 10mil subs?

Logan Wallen


few seconds later>>> there's no cat there it must be under my bed then I panicked becuz I have allergy XD

MG Counselling

This is amazing dude perfect has 4 million likes I’ve never see it keep it up guys

I remember just ling in bed and seeing an elephant

Trophy Bass Chasin

lol im still top comment? bad ass

Joey:feel the pain

Brian Crosby

Coby will never win

Kelsey Muehlberger

Kylie just casually flexing on all us broke b*tches for 19 minutes and 31 seconds straight

McKayla Kaufman

What a brat

Intense_ fearlife


Anova Plays

guru my name is Tyler i stopped watching your vids a long time ago because i thought you was quitting but i look at you channel today and last vid was uploaded last week glad yoyodid not leave lol BTW i subbed


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