Hanuman Urumi Melam Song

Song by : Siva Mathura Kali Urumi MelamEdited By :Kosong Talk Boys

doumy vaill

Final fantasy VIII with mods...

Adoption is an option.

king lich

If some one what to delete that comment then he don`t want us to know and so do we


Chris Davis

The woman annoys me


Nick Maslowski

You should do a horse razing derby


I’m watching this in 2019 and it’s funny to see that they said ping pong trick shots 3 had only 3 million likes when now it has way more

Chase Hofmann

Rappers Eminem was to afraid to dis


Maybe you could adopt a kid or have another baby

Enoch Zhang

2:29 look at his arms wtf

Rafael Alberto Espinosa Hernández

The twins are so lame. They could be fired and nobody will notice.

Sajra Smolo


Sathya boutique Videos

I want to know is a battle or a trick shot video as all tricks are successful

Holly Broderick

Anyone watching in 2094

Jackson Rylan

I thought Cody said the f word at the begging

Niniek Dwapaw

For Austin👍

mario cart8

cool vid I liked and subscribed and hit that bell

darius turc


Nidhi Patil

Holy mother of clickbait

HeiIs Flying


Galang Galang


pizza demon

I'm crying so hard right now, I keep on thinking how I would feel if my mom died, I would be depdepressed and I would kill myself

-Who made a hole in this desk?!

Funky pg3d

4:00 500 iq play


Barry Sanders

Anthony Garcia

Who are those kids

Ryan Pate

Dear fun with guru. I really really want you to do Easter eggs in cod advanced warfare. Who knows? Maybe you are doing it as I type and breath from me

Ondřej Žmolík


Lexi Sagun

I had nightmares of dis!

Nugget Theory

Omg dude perfect is at Nickelodeon and have their own show soon I saw it from an Ad


Woah was that Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 in the beginning


I wear anime shirts in public. I'm being bullied lol😂😅😢😭

Simply. Meggie

Wait is an A- is a “bad grade” because that’s not a bad grade


at 2:43 the picture there is Oda Nobunaga

Queen_ Morgan

Wow this is the nicest story I’ve ever watched I’m kinda late but I can’t wait for my story to come out!

Ana Fano

Only movie I'm interested in 2019 😂

Wesley Almeida

certeza que a elza tem que matar o golem pra chegar onde a bela adormecida tá no sono profundo, para acordar-la com um beijo gay... chocado q a damares tava certa

Sandil Wijesooriya

I’m tired of ty winning

Derralyn Baker



You Can find the toy 2 Rooms so

Gaming X xx Distroer xx

I think the cats name is cat perfect :-P


There is actually another easter egg.If you have the how the saints save christmas DLC you need to play untill the second level. Right at the beginning look behind you in the two caves. In one of them is a breadman hanging from the celing. STAR WARS REFERENCE!!!

Tropical Fruit

James in Clothes video:Don’t judge people by what they wear

Kyle Fricks


I ate your biscuit

December 2018 anyone?Like if you are

She died because my mom didn’t have much money to go to a hospital so my sister couldn’t be born and when she was she was born dead THE F**** HOSPITAL SHOULD HELP PEOPLE NOT MAKE THEM PAY UTS THEIR JOB TO HELP PEOPLE AND NOT SAY OoOoO yOu DoNt HaVe EnOuGh MoNeY sO wE aRe GoInG tO lEt ThIs HuMaN dIE

Hamzah Al-Quaid

I swear Max act like he own Kawhi


First dislike :P

Sbailey Bailey


James Lee

Thank you again for making today's evening even more wonderful, Guru! Good night (or good day)

Hayley 21803

me goes to watch video first ad archery second ad is mortal combat

Jonas Albert

Just get over it you Can change what you do in the future but you can’t change the past er all betray somone and er all make mistakes so its a waste of time just get over it

The loss of nipsey the great has affected many. My favorite rapper


I like how he turned around and looked at the woman who was crying in the movies

Jeff Gilstrap


Amazing lyrics Hub

Looks at the parents looks at the boy* :O HES ADOPTED BY AMERICANS?? ;-;

chris iheanacho

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand Elsa’s and Anna’s relationship?

Finley Rocha

Love u luke Bryan

skillpeople 12

It would be awesome Jammal is a really nice dude

Amar Karande

2019 anyone????????

Emily Huynh

Nice house

Henry Paul


Dallas Vasey

over hype


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