பித்தம் என்றால் என்ன ? | G.Sivaraman Interview

Location courtesy: Holiday InnCheck this out: 40 is the milestone and often the time of transition. Here in this Fourth episode of Inna Narpathu Inniyavai Narpathu, Dr. G.Sivaraman talks in detail about when and how you should do proper exercise & much more #diet #healthtips #shivaraman #innanaarpathuinniyavainaarpathuCREDITSHost - Cibi Chakravarthy | Camera - Venkataraj.J,Rajeev.A| Edit - LeninVikatan App - Vikatan Tv :

Luke Awesome Luke / LAL

Awesome sauce

Bloke Jr

That ending😆


Imagine if one of the older brothers would have taken over.. North Korea would have reformed, reunited, prospered. Hoping for North Korea to eventually get its freedom.


What does A113 means

Biggie Poppa

2:10 anyone else see Dj khaled?

Itzamemario 88’s the sorcerers stone...

nok Z

It looks like a dog getting hard


does that say launch missiles XD

Tyler H


Danish Hakimi

I have download this game

Wade Rials

Go Panthers 2019

Duke Naylor

Canada's better sorry but it's true

AlexWolfCaneKiller XD

Aww poor child crying


you missed a lot ex the slendy eastereggs

Katelynn McAraw


PewDiepie jr.

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Taj Brady

2019 any1

Caleb Kern



18:14 WOLVERIN!!??

Andrew T

Mom dies of terminal illness because she needed keto by Dr berg

sativa-skye martin

this might be the best jennamarbles video ive ever seen in my life. and ive seen them ALL.

Jaclyn Hall


Cherrkeet The Child of Satan

It's called Adoption lady-


you already know you situation and know your struggles and you decided to spread your legs? now you guys are having problems and the baby is suffering


the song is im so fancy


Honestly dude, if you stopped doing easter eggs and did whatever i would still watch. Just do what you enjoy, enjoy making these videos, enjoy what you do always in life. c= Keep it up Guru

Katherine Craig

It actually looks really good.

Wheeler Boys

Hot tub

What a intro


I have some hysterical friends


1:50 autism? Maybe? He obviously has some sort of mental illness. And no, I have nothing against disabled people as I a, disabled myself

Wil je reageren want ik kan niet zo goed engels😅

Corgi Lover Forever

My friends bisexual but I don't care I still accept her

Hernansaurio _


niko bellic

kojima is a genius for creating these excellent games with their magnificent easter eggs :3

Julia Mendonça

Cadê o anel de coco da Elza?

tells the whole internet

Stewie Grffin

Dang there ass holes. Your beautiful just the way u are

:3faithishope:3 :3

I’m Arabic and I have a good morning to you please

Joey Bray



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