Growing and using wheat at home

A 200+ day journey growing wheat at home, and then making flour and bread.

Connor Grant


KetSee Wong

This is how many times she said “safer on the streets”

Small Gaming


Matthew Guillet


Kamir M.

nice boy/girl meets world reference 1:36 "im in topanga like im cory m."

2. You won't remain friends with people after school when you start work an start moving your life forward. You will find many are too immature to spend much time with.

Ernst Anepool

Spam Spam lovely Spam :-(


Porque se Acosto temprano para mañana estudiar??

Legendairy cow

the t r i p p l e d o m i n o s k e e t b l a s t er. couldn’t have picked a better name

Willy Bonka

Didn't expect a bioshock reference in a kids show lmao

Marcus Terry

The person on the floor that ela picks up is thermite btw


fake, but definetly not gay

The Animemaster

Did he make her watch James Charles?

taylor allyn

i love how jen is like “plus size what is that?” “you need a 3? kay, i got you” honestly i love jen, an the way she looks at humans.. as humans! ❤️💜🧡💛💛💚


In the Shangri La Easter egg, you can do it till you all have the meteor, that's how cool Treyarch was at the beginning.

thomas smith

0:30 i love the referance

Kyle Jacob Rodriguez


j'len noukham

He has a fucking knife

pepper match

Half of these make no fucking sense

My Wonderful World

This is how many HARD KICKS JOHN GETS ON HIS A*S! Captain: good


First question...

once of twice

When purple dude had hair

Take lil baby out and put tjay in

sumaya love

I can't believe this is what humanity has come t I would actually never treat anyone like that

The Chosen Moose

Question: What is your favorite easter egg video?

lyric Carrasco

I could finish the whole paper in 30 seconds and I'm in 7th grade


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