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David Duspara

i went missing when my mom said i couldnt go to another house where my dad was helping my uncle and when i got to the house my dad called my mom and said that im at uncles house and she said she almost called the police

( ). ( | |

Duncan Moss

Especially hers

Tess Greenan

i have the same birthday as Mr. Marbles 😭💕💕


Do androids dream of electric sheep?

imperial Deathstroke

Let's goooooooooo baby

as always grat job !!!


3:02 R.I.P Panda


I liked Ty's beard WHY DID YOU SHAVE

Emiliano Huayek

Y’all shall do some tennis trickshots

Tomtomandearny Hello hello

What happened to his black hair

Danny Bad Time DeVito

I feel like the chrome man on the police motorcycle is more of a robo cop thing but terminator works

John Sieg

Great job boys


Zero + John Wick= Zane Flynt 00:34

Jenna T

The idea of an epidural scares the shit out of me because I am terrified of needles. However I’m sure if I actually experienced the pain of contractions and all that I’d change my mind and get one 😂

blake chiou

1:12 R.I.P shoe

mike arf


medicine larry

I told my mom about my anxiety , she legit screamed at me when I told her I've anxiety , she told me it's all in my head , i don't know they're going to JUDGE me , they're going to tell me maybe I'm being odd but they don't know anything about me what I'm being thru , how I feel when I get panic attack :(

Kid M3M3S

Ty ls better

Rachelle Barrett

Ahaaaahaaaa...Noel will forever look dead inside to me

niharika :D

Ommggg when u introducwed paul it tottallyy matchesss meeeeeeee

Kade Coleman

School Stereotypes

1122 Jck

Russle draws just like me

Bean TheApeOfDeath

That was so fake

Luxurious tropical Breeze

A guy in the park was kicking a poor dog I said it to my mom but my mom said it isn’t our business and it’s fine a dogs strong I just been quiet and left.

mrbioshock 78

Mans was doing the bird box challenge

Sarmite Skrastina

Mickey Mouse? Doll??????????????

Jase Hannan

Venus Williams


Your. Cool 😎

geovany Diaz

Más de mil veces repito esta plena 🔥🎶 ustedes también?

Pam mcClure-Hamlett

Chad looks like rob gronkowski

Ahmed Salman

Cricket battle

Wendy Wilson



Want to catch all the pokemon at once?

Jigoku Lauhing

my mother had/has it but the doctors had a cure a reallly risky surgey where they cut a big chunk out of the trigeminus... now I dont want to spread fale hope I dont know if u and her have the same but maybe this can still help maybe u need to come to germany . My mother still has cramps or episodes of pain but she says there 90 times more bearebale now .What she had was a big like knot sitting right in the nerv what cuased all of this

Rrahim Voca

Is this an event or another game im sooo confused


: How much do you hate comments like this?Me: Yes

fortnite fan 27

last one

Paramjit Kaur


Colw White


Mahdiye Rz

wooooow 🔥🔥🔥

Mr. M the Fox

I’ve never fished in my life

Трашка19 Pandro 9

dude perfectis perfect

Hans Kok

A slide from the top to the bottom

Is there something wrong with me?

chicken or noob

Why didn't you just changed genders and be transgender?

Kamilla Bauter

😞😞😞😞my parents are divorced

Yoki Castillo

Red Ranger:you go first Your going to lose .ty: makes first try red ranger miss miss miss


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