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jr diaz

the cake is a lie

Allen Craggs

You should film with a Payton Manning from the droncos


Ha, Literal Easter Eggs!

Claudia Mucala

I want a part 2!


Just how many animals does this dude have access to?

Rowan Sarah

Why do I feel like... this shows... why it’s common to go to school full time.

Shanna Sykes

I’m so fancy.

Ava Gastelum

Ok then

Nirupa Raju

Will the golden gun shoot


Man i hate number ten first i use the wrong rpg 2 i get killed 3 i was in the wrong spot 4 THE GAME FREAKIN' ENDED

ColumbusLewis bros


Spawnsy Danger

I hate you

pitbull lol

I hate anxiety it stops from you to do what to do

Kimi Price

But MattPatt, You have said several times in the past that the pokadex isn't accurate.

E Bear

The cringe that turtle was a tortoise.

Kinley Creamer

I love Theoddonesout! He's so funny!😁

Kylie Awesome

Wait they hung him because he gave his family some rice. What country is it?


our family loves luke bryan

pusheen kitty

One like, 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 punches to that stupid woman!!!!!!!!

Tamas Foreman


Mae Rubio

Wow you are a life's saver♥️

Chad Babet

Lacrosse Stereotypes!


Wait did he say hockey ball


7:12 james is a cylinder earther


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