Kurasala KannaBabu Take Charge as Agriculture Minister | Face to Face

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the three types are me my best friend and her boyfriend... just that she's the avoident type and he's the anxious type. they argue a lot but mostly because he doesn't feel loved by her

Ретро ТВ телепередачи и Шоу про видеоигры и ПК игры

В конце прямо отсылка к HALO 2 )))

KSI: Fam look at my wrist! I have 150 on my wrist 😂😂😂😂 That part killed me


i think there is not ideology wich can stop the man or elite wich is at power to profite by the weak people

Pablo gamer


Tharushi Silva

I'm so touched by this MV. Thank you BTS. Thank you jk. My favourite BTS MV ever. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #JKOurEuphoria #JKMemories #JKMemoriesByBTS


Cory in the House is my favourite anime

Marwan Sadek

Congrats man on this milestone and here for a 100 more episodes :)

Zander Yeehaw

and towards the end of "The Judge" by Twenty One Pilots, Tyler revealed he screamed "JOSH DUNN" bc he was walking through the door while he was recording that song!

Hannah Wadlington

I’m in middle school and I’m on the tennis team so I’m glad you did this video

Max Fumeaux

Where can I find that katana?

rebecca uwu

This is the saddest shit I’ve ever watched in my life

Magic school bus Crash

I love how this is called “minutevideos” but it’s conveniently 10:00 long

If I asked you to kick it then would you slide back?

shrek ass

I would have sued them

Richard Crego

I watch you guys from Wisconsin come to visit.

Catherine Corry

There are many other personalities other than this. I was raised in a what you would call "anxious" but I don't think I am that.

King Sims III

mirrors edge 2 is in development what do you have to say to that? ;3

JJ Love

Jah Bless JStone

_Skittles _

So what your saying is, I should get surgery but not worry about my weight because I should live myself ?

cara kuban


Jeremy 331

do a soccer one

Phong Nguyễn

From vietnam ❤️

Theresa Hall

I may not be in the exact same boat you are but I am in the can't cure pain boat. Fibromyalgia a condition that cause pain and take advantage of pain to give more. The only treatment is a choice between three pills. I picked one and it like taking a sledgehammer to a mountain. Puts a dent in the mountain called pain but sadly doesn't take it out. I wish they would find more treatments.

My dad was a psycho I realyzed when my mom was come up to my room and he told me the truth about my life

Elton Low

it looked like it curved

Hana Barker

super smash bros on wii u


Nada El Baghdadi

This vid literaly popped up after comparing myself to a curvy round sexy ytb


Great fucking song man. would of loved to hear it fully. i understand why tho. either way great video


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