Tamil Serial | Penn 1991 | Episode 1 | Hemavukku Kalyanam | Suhashini Maniratnam |

Penn is a wonderful serial directed by Mrs Suhashini Maniratnam, one of the best writer, actress and multi talented person.

Charles Bronson

Older generation dont inderstand this they think its all in your head

Gage Craven

I hate tiy

Color Rocker

attempt two on the comments sea Okay so I came up with this question randomly and was wondering if any of the theorists here could answer this: you know that scene in Shrek where Fiona and Shrek physically blow up a frog and a snake? Like would that even be physically possible, do they have some form of god like breathing, are they exhaling helium ahhh idk ive been pondering this all day so anyone who is smarter than me that would be Gucci

Jameson Norton

2019 anyone


Want to do MOLLY 🙃(jkjkjk)


I watched my entire family killed.

Shania Braithwaite

This is so me but I still shower everyday so I'm omitting the no showering part

Cameron Moore

What did Cody say about sky high


I actually hate him

MM DiTaly

Yes i do

Brayden Nicholas

Why is the tall man working out in a jacket

O h m Y G o D...

Shittels Family

she could have adopted


the one with the sugar glass of the head seemed almost like he messed up but it still worked


Is it just me or does blacktiph look high in the outro? 😂


Is it just me or is the Star Wars franchise sort of just running on fumes at this point? It just seems to be dependent on nostalgia rather than making anything new and interesting. To be honest, I'm sick of the Empire being the bad guys, I want something different. I know the EU had interesting villainous groups but since that's turned into Legends it's sort of pointless. It's become so played out, like what recent piece of mainstream Star Wars media has had the bad guys be anyone but the Empire? Genuine question because I do not know. With Star Wars coming under the Disney banner, I feel that it's plateaued in terms of creativity, and I fear I'm losing interest in the franchise all together. Nostalgia is fine, but I need more than that to be engaged long-term.

Motor de Uvas

1:58 what does she says?

Lemonn Freakk

2 in num 1 if you include shake it baby

the film gurus

Why does ty sound like owen wilson

Emma Goluba

emma’s been so mean to ethan :(

Evelyn Scott

Psychopaths are always charming especially intelligent.



Guru, u should change the theme song of this videos,,, they are really boring... i dont know, its kinda of sad...

ismael gomez

Fuck justis is nathan drake


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