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Mom: It’s that damn phone!


Detroit become human??

Nightlorddemon Gangster


Addy The Potato

Is this a story or real?

lσиєlу ανα

EmployEES XD I love how she says employees like that!


Sees title

Suga in my cup of tea

I thought his hair was black

Mason Gardiner

At 2:52 he used a credit card

Six God talk but I ain't tryna get preachy (No, no, no) ACTUALLY HA-oh wait wrong channel


6:52 Haven't you covered this already?


Imagine if it was a pipe for plumbing and he caused a flood

Go here:  

Jamie Axford




this guys are getting old :(

Lettie & Katie

So funny 😆

Rosa Dourado

Algum br

juan martin Zelaya

The ending absolutely killed me, great video as a whole.

That one brown girl

So I have anxiety! It's awesome! (I'm being sarcastic of course) Anyway I love animals like a lot almost to the point where it seems like I'm crazy. I have a cat and a dog (my cat is asleep beside me right now❤) They really help! There's not point to this story I just wanted to brag about my pets❤😊

Hyunbin Back


Day 9 less blood

Silver Creation

Im glad that some people were able to see their parents before death. I had a similar set of circumstances of not talking to my dad for a year or so before i worked up the courage to speak to him again, but the thing was he was already in bad health when we stopped speaking and when i decided to call and talk to him again i discovered he had already been dead for 2 weeks. My dad wasn't the best person in the world and he was even worse by the time i was 19. But i regret not being able to say anything to him before then.

Lisaa Walker

This story pissing me of , sm I wanna punch a wall

kids team

twinkle twinkle

Maricon Ruiz

try not to eat

If anyone knows what I can do to help my situation or anything I can do to make friends or lose weight, that would be great, but at the minute, I just feel awful unhappy and useless.


Mr.Trivia himself, thanks Guru :)

Angely Vargas

Woah woah WOAH. A-? I'm jelly...

Freddie Eves

On wheel unfortunate you should have one where it is. Edit every video for a week


I'm such a noob probably cause I've never played it

Cassidy Firestone

Every PE teacher is a pedophile

Alex Thompson élève

For the hockey one it wasn’t backhand is was forehand


That's a very touching story, I did really just think that a mental hospital was something with crazy people who hear voices, and everything like in the movies

That means our first responsibility is to LOVE OURSELVES! We can love ourselves the way God loves us - unconditionally! It's easy:



art bo

Knew it was checkers

Khushwant Singh

Will you please tell me who the hell is this panda really....

Noah Gaming

I am still team coby

Will Knutson

Cont handles losing so well ngl

جعفر بهرامی

زهرا بهرامی

Hadiza Abdullahi


Aadil Ahmad

go for the eiffel tower


daughter cicvil war lol




Fune jevf the kiler mayme here -> YOU JUST GOT TROLLED


For once, i'm with Max on this one. KD is a force and is hard to guard, but if Kawhi has a better game and wins, you cannot deny the man the undeniable. Kawhi is simply greatness without the gloating and doesn't have his feelings on his sleeve. He just puts on on the floor.

Jess O'Rourke

Team god


Me:*Gets cancer*

Croí Saor

Highly recommend this game, one of the best games of PS3, and now PS4. Playing online is a must though, makes the experience 100x better in my opinion,


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