Gajjala Yoganand Fan made Video

Tahirih Faith

i adore you so much. thank you for being you all the time and being fully transparent!

Pierson Harris

"Gosh why does this guy always wear pants?"XD

Ignacio Barahona

LOL, great channel ;)

Ethan does things lps and more

Had a dream about this

kartheek siddapur


Chantale Hache


Clay Ward

Stop winning ty

The Guest was awesome despite mixed reviews.  

فضل الرشيدي

I'm watching in 2016

Jaiden Rivera

Who does that!

Infinite Boi Vlogs

This is fake I always believed in you guys I'm in subbing

Paul savage

Cool planes were can I buy some

s a l t a e

i don’t know why but i picture the jerk as yoongi and the girl as jimin

Derpiton Mcherpiton

Never knew Charles Xavier was a psychopath...

Artsy Abbi

I have a long distance relationship and as hard as it is we have kept it together for at least 3 months. Being a freshman and having a lover has been so hard for me but with his supporting love we still strive together. And hopefully by february of next year we will be seeing each other everyday. >w<

DC Hall

HiDaddy I love you


Ok YouTube I watched it


The HALO:REACH Easter egg where the hidden door  opens is in the other side of the normal cutscene... if you look closely, the globe is identical in the cutscene and within the secret room. If you're in the cutscene look straight and you will slightly see that room on the other side of the globe.

andy tran

I know you guys might be running out of ideas what about throwing knifes trick shots

basically a Jacob dagnit

I watch this 8 months after that video was posted...

Nicolas S

Who's the panda

Line Level Media

Guillermo is an international treasure.

ruwati Ruwati

siapa yang orang indonesia like👇

equalism 42

When people decide to become parents they take on a responsibility and owe a duty of care to their off spring. They do not get to reject their child for being left handed, to short, to tall, having the wrong eye color or anything…..if they do not feel they are up to providing unconditional love to their own child then they should have got themselves sterilized so they do not have off spring, there is nothing more cruel than an unwanted child, and nothing more pathetic than a parent which fails to provide unconditional love to their own child.

Katie Rowe

You have to nickname him teddy fresh

Blaise Baker

Tyler always wins


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