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The reason I did not include Grand Theft Auto V here is very simple. Whilst I enjoyed running around again in a fully realized high definition version of Los Santos and I really loved the heist setups and the executions of them I felt that the game didn't last as long as the others. Once I completed the main story mode and dabbled in the new Online mode I never really had any desire to return to the city or to replay the story to see the events unfold. If you are eleven or twelve years old and you wish to respond to this with poorly written profanity claiming my choices are wrong then go right ahead. I'll be playing some Vice City on Playstation 2.

ghost cat

Who could dislike this satan?

Gloria Oncina Marin



I'm not emotional but this made me cry

Charlotte Rhodes

I've never heard someone be excited for their period

KC Gaming

I love your vids

Devarya Ganjekar

Who is the panda within you🐼

SleepyEclipseWolf playz

Every pray for this girl I hope you make it


labron jaaames

Rick Riley

Team should be the Redskins

L7 Aquaa FN

I wish he would just fly the jet

Mannat Soni

clearly we can do anything and everything when it comes to our bestfriend. its about the love we have fot them, but mine left me, and never came back. please read my story, its about me and her..

Dheer Shah

World is coming soon. It'sgonna start on 14th of June .

Toni darnell

Rats and guns awsome


1:05 though


Any easter eggs in Far Cry New Dawn you reckon?

Dario Estevez

lightning mcqueen shadow 1:15

Fionn Healy

Guys you should airsoft trick shots next

Ospinz FTW

My favourite game

Aaron P


Tiny Nuggz

My mom does the mom arm

Carolina Jorge



What kind of hair physics did i just witnessed

Kris Ricketts

The song is call conversation with the devil from Rolling Stones

Silverstone Serenity

Halle Berry is stunning! Also her teeth are gorgeous.

Daniel McCarthy

Lets be honest, cody destroyed coby in all ways, even being there he beat coby lol

Melody And Akane

I was born in February

xDay Lg

Did he really miss the easter egg at 1:17 of Bolt??

Nate C

give the vid a like for Ty's pornstache


The left chair at the intro is panda look 3:13 it's Cody and at the back panda

Connor O’Brien

A indoor pool with a inflatable raft

Ethan_draws 19

You should do drive thru stereo types

Colton Hill

2019 anyone?

Hadiyah CP

Poor coby


I saw that guru license plate. Pretty sneaky

Shirkira Lowen


Josh Perez

Bryce Harper

Юлия Королюк

у Джены мега приятный голос в оригинале:3

george_ playZZZ

Don't wanna judge but when she bulied her she was a 🤐🤬🤬

Jackson tienter

My dad is name Brian

Joseph Myles

Work sorry

The dragonborn

And everyone died


Do Patrick Mahomes and/or Travis Kelce



Yaaaassss finally

Jesus Hernandez

waited for a few years to get a fast food rap battle XD


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