In the Jungle, the mighty jungle...

OK I know that this is not the most original thing in the world but it is the whole song or that's what I believe. Hope u lik it Bye, XokAs


I was there :D

Kristina Williams-Lee


Knacker 99

The ending is super

Deeonna Clay

It feels like getting shot by with a gun when you finally start realizing there gone forever😭😭😭

Papa Murph

Really nice vid thanks for the help

hold it = 4 seconds

bob awesome

the kid in the bycicle clip made me laugh you got a like from me


Craig Basten

If they were doing a trust shot involving there nuts that would take 8 hours and it would be painful

Scott Simpson

I love you


Last one got me thinking of Army of Darkness.

Blink Army

* literally one millisecond in the video * (I love the vid)

Carmen Cutrona

you guys are awesome!!



Kea Le

That’s some powerful stuff right there

Jake Spurgeon

It’s not letting me turn on notifications

Mohd Shoaib

I like you all so mush

Tyson Miller

Flour blows up, who knew?!

Ayan Jain

Work Table Update or Version 2.0 Please!!!

Visuals For You

Who cares lol

Anxious Potato

Excuse me while I just meme my way out of actually showing emotions

Jony Gutarts

how is wachingin 2017

Alehandro Duarte



1:44 Garret's face

Fatima Zahra Sadir

I cried

Aleksander Olsen

How do they fail to recognize the discussion they created themselves. Everyone who say Warriors is better without KD say so because of how they play without KD. They play faster and harder and both these idiots have said the same thing....

Tamar Kemkhadze

P.s in the beginning

She lost that what made her feel beautiful

Zane (Ragin_Pacifist)

10 years too late

Vishnu Shaji

Sanghis dislike this video.

Where all my fellow uk onces

Charles Yue

Durj khalifa in dubai

Squirtle girl gameing and more

This friend is amazing. Because he went through length of contacting the band for here

ipey lie

i said the jeff toney (panda) dot to scare sorry for my english iam indonesiaguy

Jace Henderson

I bet dale Earnhardt would be in one of DPs vids if he didn't die in a car crash during a race.

3 doritos later...

Mitchelle Beatriz Perito

I am pretty sure you are not allowed to have your phone while your working in McDonald's in your shift....




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