Franch Express Courier's 31st Anniversary_Erode Magesh Speech

Motivational Speech by Vijay TV fame Erode Magesh at Franch Express Courier's 31st Anniversary

The stained glass ceilings were used as a color contrast but it off-set the quality of the video and brought you out of the mindset. The vibrant colors only impacted the background and did nothing to help the artist pop in the video.


7 people are not running away from the scene of the crime

Vincent Valentine

How come the denial for MGS Revengeance? He was after all the producer technically. I guessing because he had little to no involvement ?

hockeylax 25

Literally figuratively mediocrely

Julian Nosek

Doom 3 and fear 1 were terrifying

Wyatt Hummel

Try winning one every once in a while Coby. I'm always voting for you for some reason.:|

Lovely Strawberry

Stop wearing those shirts girl!!!

רועי בירן

I had meningitis as a three year old my stupid doctor said I had a virus If my mom wasn't so smart and the doctor that checked me wasn't a Damm amazing doctor I WOULD HAVE DIED but because of some good circumstances and luckey timing I lived with just having problems with hearing people here and there. It's funny when I had meningitis I was emotionless I didn't realize something bad happened or even question anything which I do alot when I look back I realized how scared my mom must have been and how lucky I was

Corek BleedingHollow

Fuck the Saints.

Caylen Knowles

Why did you kiss a time of raw fish?

The Boss8892

You guys should have a paint ball war

Pieter R

FunWithGuru:"eye of an eagle"

Stardusty 26

Dang, this man who abused women on an extreme level is still successful?

Samarah Joshiakar

Do you like actually play golf?


"I can do that, but I don't wanna!"


Soneone there must really love The Big Lebowski. That's the third reference that i know of.

Grayson Wade

you should call it the long shot

Jimmy Park

Every city has it's rotten apple of fans, i.e. Oakland has the GSW "pos" investor who shoved Lowry. Toronto has the numerous douche bag of fans who were cheering when KD got hurt. Huge shout out to Green & Lowry for telling the fans to not cheer when KD was exiting!

Alexander Ip

I on the other hand was in a camping visit that nearly cost me my life

Mona Haghshenas

1:30 looks like a place in “brave”

Hunson Abadeer

The moment they sing the birthday song, i knew that he would very happy....


There are a lot of children who lost their parents in front of their eyes and even there are some children who no one wants to adopt but you need to be happy cuz you were adopted and you have good parents that give you tons of opportunities! without them you wouldn't be here today

Blake Staffner

Time Junior I am watching in 2018 what time is your nearest the cat not ty

map apm

Would be even better if he would of catch thatspoon in he his hand lol

Moodyman04 Moodyman04

Cody Warriors and cavs pick a shirt oh and let’s go ty I love him he is my favorite then Coby

-You are a genius!!!!

Braden Kingston

jays all the way!!

Superpizzaluigi 667

Oh how she later regretted that

Sarah doodles

That is "revenge porn" and it is actually illegal (plus I think the girl in the video is a minor too which makes it child porn. so this is super bad ).

Nice vidoe Guru!

Evolution_X 430

Please tell me that the last Easter egg made everyone laugh

LoneWolf 100

This year I could say was the best year for you guys



bagas dwi admoko

i can't wait!!

Cameron Johnson

dude perfect next time you come here PLZ TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!


Keeping you in my thoughts! Feel better soon I'm so sorry


slime squad Patrick

How do you submit a story??

Donny 8oi

Before garret had no orange on top

xxjellyproxx starzz

I'm crying I'm sorry for you


No more loading screens |

Asher Nelson

Instead of the skate ball it should be "Baskateball"


This game looks mad fucking easy. Like no challenge at all


Your a man bro you have a P.E.I.N.I.S but it’s ok 👌 if you want to be a girl you be a girl

Ishrat Rahman

Please do water park stereotypes

YTJaydenR Banks

U should film now nle Choppa cloe


there's another easter egg, when you're on the main menu. Look at your reflex and you'll actually can see you yourself that you've created on the character creator. (Sorry for my bad English)

Eli Griesser

The one into the pool was cool but you could tell it was after a lot of turns cause when he says he’s ready he has shoes on when he catches it he doesn’t have shoes👀👀😂 cool trick shot though that was really cool



Jason Kal

This looks like dragon ball legends. 😒

Ice Shard_

Wow I’m late 😅


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