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Frequently requested - a yoga class that is easy on the wrists! This is an active class without poses that apply the most pressure on your wrists - Downward Facing Dog, Plank and Chaturanga. If you have issues with your wrists, or practice yoga and need to give your wrists a break, this is the class for you.Want to help support Five Parks Yoga create even more classes? Consider becoming a supporter at: Instructor: Erin SampsonLocation: Tamarindo, Costa RicaVenue: Casa Colorado (us Online: us on Facebook: us on Instagram: you have a class request for Erin? Let her know!in a Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica? Learn More: by Tamarindo Films:

Caroline Cevs

i would have never thought that someone could encourage me and give me enerygy again in less than 5 minutes.... thanks man i feel a lot better about myself ^^ life is hard enough, we should stop blaming ourself.


That diary scene in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is totally my ASMR awakening. I remember watching on loop when I got the dvd


yo everyone check out my crazy shots on my channel

Karthik Sharan

My favourite dunk is the alley oop

cause its the best anime of all time

Edit: I don't think they believe me at all, they do ask if I'm feeling alright but always when I'm happy or on a good mood. They never see when I'm sad, and of they do it was usually caused by them aka yelling at me and stuff like that. I just feel like they're mocking me when I'm clearly happy and they still ask.

oofer floofer

Anyone else hear that high pitched noise or am i just going crazy?



Rick Riley

You should do a Tom Gold Run battle with me in it

Kieran Brockbank

Nice video again guru :)

Alliyah Solis

They should be on a basketball team

Daddy longfist

I have him on my friendslist


Tye looks like Jane williamson


this video was posted exactly 2 years ago today

Delisha _uni_unicorn

This is like my sister story and she die

Emma Thurman


Daniel Medina

why did you guys make a Blitzball video ?

los juegos de Pablo


HH Música Rap

ciudad Juárez, Mexico ! 🇲🇽🙌🏼🙌🏼 Fuck you

TGI Snipez

The director seems super cool but sounds super depressed.


. fat..


Mine called me fat and ugly when I he heard I liked him.

Arc Ray

therapy? was it for having an unhealthy obsession with using DJ Khaled as an easter egg?

Shadow Fox17

We got Mulan, Rapunzel, and Belle to help you out. Now you are safe❤❤ (Ok I'll take my leave)

Soccer Lunatic


Men : I love you computer

vincent lenaza

Wow 💓💓💓💓

Mystical_ Gacha

Yay 12th place

Luis C

The guy who made porn is more interesting tbh

Rosey Cat

2019 ?? Every person asks that

HMF Vlogs

2:48 respect your hats hang them 😕

Dae Dae

playing that short clip of that wall-e easter egg made me wanna watch more of if

chris wright

do a dinosaur stereotype

Brandy East

Can't wait!

Stormtrooper 9898

You guys are legit awesome

Yaritza Sifuentes

Bring mena mossoud and Naomi Scott!!😭😭 plssss


Who's watching this in 2016?


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