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MJ Mythical

I wish I could do a video with you guys but I live far away

GeN Rifterist

He should’ve signed with the heat

Ricky Reinalter

Tyler with a stash (mustache)

Maria Paschall


-Yo mama

André Soares


Fisher Hunter1

Who narrated this

Katharine Goaway

back when fidget spinners were a thingXD

Eneko Crespo Luna

It would be great to see the other way around, I mean react people trying to guess fbe staff child photos

Karl Green

Nerf videos are awesome with dude perfect! Hell Yeah

You read that wrong too

Captain Eggcellent

Good video once again Guru

Parth Shende

The father is such a pathetic liar! Mexico had remained neutral throughout the Vietnam war, and hence he couldn't be drafted to fight there. Surely no sane person would leave their kids to the mercy of an alcoholic only to cross over to the States to get shipped to one of the most hostile environments in the world. Most accurate scenario is that some hooker dropped the dad's nuts in coffee to murder him 😂🤣😂🤣

Themadhouse 344

I wonder how tired they must be for Tyler when he did the highest shot when how long it took to go back up and down if he didn’t make it

Oliver Bentley

If you get tattoos you should probably just get permanent tattoos.

st marine


Varg Vik

Love this kind of vids, please do more videos about music easter eggs :D

nr_alia .n

I nearly died one day. When a random guy tryna kill me with a gun and a knife to get my heart and sell it!!! 😭😭😭but I survive coz someone saw me and I screaming for help!!! The man take the gun from the back of the stranger and point the gun to the stranger!!! He emidietly call the police!!! I have a little bit of cut on my knee from the knife tho... 😢😢😢

Kaming YT

Screw you that was wrong

Not a single sole:

heidee pagulayan

How about part2

Howell About No


Cuphead 7348

dad perfect

Mark Topliffe

You should go to the Amazon

Sami10ZOZ Yt

Make a editor edition part 2

sees me pointing gun at the phone ...reading comment

Daria Marinescu

I had all of these symptoms 3 years ago, and l didn't know what it was... But l got over it

Allison B

Your mom was shocked when I threw a toaster into her bath tub while she was bathing.

Beth Halpain

Get your glow on guys!!!

Kaiden Glover


Jamie Reed

that was egg tastic

Gaby Wall


babish: ItS BeEn AwHiLe SinCe We HaVe HaD a GoOd cRosS sEcTion On tHiS sHoW


i heard your explanation and i will judge you; you don't deserve this woman. she's so much better off without a man like you; you don't cheat to fix things, going through a rough path with your partner is completely normal and if you truly loved her you would've talked things through with her since the beggining instead of asking her to go out with someone else you dick


I like how everyone was defending her in the first episode but now everyone realizes how much of a cunt the girl is.

Rathin Seth

Don't keep the beard, Cody.

Lychee Blossoms

She gets kinda startled, but this time her anxiety doesn't quite come up, for a few seconds, and jim asks and she is likely to say yes


luck for sure but I think maybe a little bit more skill:)

Toxic_ Killa

Ty does

Joseph Doe

And that kids is why you always carry a gun with you.

brandon dube

We're the real heros behind all this

Lazer V4

You are from the UK and you didnt show the TARDIS on google earth da fuq


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