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Damp man


Sanwich 121

Thanks for this, for it was literally 90°F in West California yesterday.


Great video as always, Guru. Can't wait to see, what you'll post in a few weeks :)


I like the references but u wish Ubi put effort into decent Easter eggs with something else other than their franchises all the time, along the lines of the battlefield 4 Easter eggs

emmyr Renxia

another talented punk who makes me cry because of his awesomeness....🙏🎩

Uzziel Guzman Leon

2018 guys? They looked so young


i love marbles more than i will ever love myself


I'm eating ice cream while watching this


yeah... but whos the chick at 0:10 ?

Lax For life!!!

DP Versing retardo

Spicy Avo

One like= one punch for Jake

Zonia Garcia

nice chatches

Andrew GamingandVlogs

I got scard with the red thing

pandagirl games

This is a sad video she couldve seen him if he had a funeral and they invite her

Ryland Howell

You should flip a boat


Blake Frohlich

Ty sucks

Addy Cuevas

My family is Sach a big fan they go to every game

Kartkid Girl

Congratulations Coby!!💐🎇🎆


So... tiny whisk's became a meme.


Tigers are actually surprisingly good at swimming though.

Claire M

If anybody here just needs a shoulder and friend to talk to about this, you can contact me on hangouts or gmail at I hope to be able to help someone out because nobody should be going through this alone. Have a great day/night 😊❤


Nice video but definitely missing Read Dead Redemption

Morgan James

Can you make a bouncy ball trick shots video?

Jack Hanson

Says videos nameGoes fucking insane


2018년에 보고있는사람~

Kitty Lizzie gacha

I thought you are dead

Marcos Z.R

Reply me guru im a big fan from argentina

kadeon dunn

On the other hand can we just talk about how amazing this song is

Sebastian Fernandez

You guys are awesome and you are the best PANDA

Simon Bridger

Yes it is

michelle pratt

His hair looked better black


Utterly amaizing and intriguing. I demand a refund for not knowing about MinuteVideos before!


Hey did you guys know that Naughty Dog, the developers of 'The last of us' also made THE INFAMOUS 'Uncharted' series?! They're so humble and modest about it, if you didn't look it up you may have never known!

-During the "NO MUSIC!" montage, we hear the Pizza Planet Truck, playing ice cream truck music.

Stevenson The Bird

I feel so bad for Ty in the finale

Jon Cecil

you are cool

Slime Monster 379

Everything’s going to be better! UR VERY STRONG!!! KEEP GOING!!!!

idk anymore

This is so good cant wait to go to the grand rapids concert


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