Dudh Lele Pardesi Babu || दूध ले ले परदेशी बाबू || New Chhattisgarhi Song || Natraj Cassette Barhi

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True JRR

Nice, I love these vids man. :D

Renas Renas

Boys are stronger than Females but a female can completely destroy a man

ColourBlind 24

that fucking smile dog poster at 1:20 made me shit myself when I saw it


Mine called me fat and ugly when I he heard I liked him.

Fart Fart

3:29 is dirty


Maddy Brown

ugh I don’t understand why people change genders. Like you were born how you were and you just have to learn to accept yourself

+10% is "nice video"


Awarded for trying hard.Guess they love tryhards.


She is going to the rapist lol


What about the anime Tales from Earthsea!? Willem Dafoe whisper conversation with the protagonist was the best ASMR ever! You guys know the scene im talking about?

Ethan Flores

23:56 “I goh scurred”

ilan elboher

Aussies rule

Powder Hickman

Is this vid fake?¿? ¿?¿

Luca Mandel

Who else knows who those NFL players are

A gay pitohui


The Average Guy


Craze Gurl

My mum said that giving birth to a baby is more painful than a cut (obviously) and then i was like "NOPE I'M ADOPTING "

Marble 01

You guys are such a cute couple 🤪

Joey yes


Another great video like always 👌🏿

kushagra 007

The worst moment of my life was not reaching the point i set for...i unfortunately did not hit the bulls eye...i tried very hard in my exam n the result were not overwhelming n it was the darkest point of my life....all kind of things criss-crotch my mind i blamed my self for the failure it was very crucial for me to crosss that point i literally regret though i tried my best bt soon i realised it is no use crying for wats over i still hve a lot of potential in me n there is always a 2nd chance so i gathered all my courage n now m working towards my goal i will not let my past experiece gripped me this time....I will see the light at the end of the tunnel n its all that matters

Patrick Kanas

They definitely didn't think the look of that trophy through

Hatem Abu Zahra

Illuminati confirmed


I feel like this should be a blind taste test or their will be bias.

Jason Lauducci

When Elsa has Frost Walker boots

Adriana Jenisee

I got an iffy feeling from this doctor he look like a creep

foo._.xdfortnite clan

I wish I can be with you

Rupali Narzary

This is amazing

Will Morris

Sf giants


The video games coming out

G-U-R-U hot chicks get Views :-)

Rachel Lopez

gray:* complains about e interrupting him*

Chelsey Dela Cruz

Eyy I’m depressed :)) can’t solve my problem if I live with it

Alan Vera

Les juro que desde que salió no hay un día que deje de escucharla

JIm Smith

It wud be awesome to film with Gary Bale ...

Madara Uchiha

0:55 to 0:57 he said: Where the fuck is he !?


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