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Shekar (Shoban babu) completes his medicine in London and returns to India, on his way back his flight lands in a remote place due to technical problems, where he meets the village belle gowri (Jayalalitha) who rescues his life. The gowri's village does not have any medical facilities and they are all dependent of the village crook devayya (Allu) and Potaraju (Rajanala) for the treatment and money. Seeing this Shekar wants to start the hospital against his father's wishes who is a police officer in search of Mallu dora (SVR) a noted dacoit who also stays near to the Gowri's village. Mallu dora is none other then Gowri's father. How Shekar wins against all odds is the rest of the story.Movie Name : Doctor BabuStarring : Jayalalitha, Sobhan BabuDirector : T. Lenin Babu

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