[DIY Eliquid] Malibu Rum & Coconut Liqueur [2 Recipes in 1] Coconut Overload

Subscribe, new recipes every 3 days! Here: recipes and notes our subreddit. Link for the recipe:used for the 5ml sample in the video; MALIBU70vg 30pg 3mgJamaica Special Rum0.10mlCreamy coconut(FW)0.20mlGolden Pineapple (cap)0.05mlSmooth (TFA)0.02mlNicotine 48mg VG0.30mlPG1.13mlVG 3.20mlCoconut Liquer 70vg 30pg 3mgCreamy coconut(FW)0.15mlGolden Pineapple (cap)0.02mlSweet cream (cap)0.10mlSmooth(TFA) 0.02mlNicotine 48mg VG0.30mlPG 1.20mlVG 3.20mlAdjust any ratios here:Video Here: our Channel Page here: out our Most Popular Upload: A nice Coconut Recipe:Enhancers Triacetin:& VG Vaping Substitutes: Eliquid] Malibu Rum & Coconut Liqueur [2 Recipes in 1] Coconut Overload


Why they got mad at the Starbucks coffee? So sensitive


I have been watching your videos every day

jamere Gilmore

I play this everytime I get in the car


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xx_mäjëstîç_vëñøm_ xx

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ugh, as if!

Dude, this is a great video. There are a ton more, though, as well as some really great continuity details. Also, Punch Drunk Love is one of my favorite movies ever. Couldn't (still can't) believe Sandler's acting abilities, especially considering he never went back to 'serious' roles (aside from, like, Spanglish?). It's just such a beautiful little movie. Every scene is so artfully composed. The silhouette when they meet in Hawaii should be a cinematic icon. And those psychedelic transitions. Ugh. Underappreciated, that film.

Liam Liam

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Chris Saxbury

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shadow ninja09p2

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Xander Graham

Watching this in 2017 is weird

Alexis DeLucia

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Erica Hixson

4:47 I died laughing

Owen Pratt


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Book out Oct 15th!?! That’s My birthday!! Perfect:D


Annie Oakley vs Orphan Annie

Kathy Krikorian

Team Cody

Iris Molina

1:57 that little child has a bigger closet than mine OMGGG

Sport Locker

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Frida J0_

Yes, we are all together once again.

Ninja SquadYoutube

When she out the lavender on Edward he turned into Thanos

SAVED? Your Amazing!

Lorelai Galway

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iiamvrose ••

uhhh full metal alchemist intro is it just me ?


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