Disha College Fresher's Party 2K17


wait so he broke up with her or

Prabu Singawijaya

Ngmg apa jane😂😂

Crack whore

Haiden Mattson

rocket battle 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I told my mom but she doesn't care

கொளரி இமெல்டா றோமவேல்



Get Lost Squidward


Become a jedi yet again......move on rails down a very narrow hand holding set script do things you have done a million in tombraider light saber edition i mean Fallen order....yawn

Alexander wahl

now i feel bad that i have puma shoes...

Gabriel Sullivan

No One Punch Man?!? What's up with that?

Squidward Tentacles

I love Peep Show xD

Medicine :3

And you didn’t tell anyone?

Juju bean

No clue what I am, I love to talk to familiar friends and go to party’s, however with new people I don’t want to talk at ALL. And when I’m with my friends I’m so loud and I talk to everyone.




THIS is the kind of wall i’m talkin about

slippy productions

y the fuck is she named ryan


more bloopers there awsome


So inspirational



0.22 saying that the next videos title will be John getting hurt next

Zuzu Gacha

my mom lost 3 babies,but she also gave birth to 3, me,my younger brother and my youngest brother..she wouldn’t tell us the genders of the 3 she lost,all I can say is that I have 3 siblings in heaven,they’re happy and I’m happy for them,everything that happened shaped me into who I am today!


Anyone else come here to re watch it?

Mayckel Dragun

Me encanta este tema 🥳🥰

Logan Park

Go blue

Heather Thomas


Killito Kortez

Splash Bros came up huge

Dorran Boucher

The last easter egg MAY just be the greatest easter egg in video game history. EVERRRR

Jack Riebel

Anyone watching after Rams just lost the Super Bowl

Sam Plautz

I don't think the suits really helped too much. He knew where they were every time

NGR Mohammed

How many pepeole cringed on Harrys lines

Mackz World

Girl power

Its Derpy Logan

The day this video was posted was my 14th birthday

Paro Paru

I gotta say I love Keanu Reeves but the game is kind of... mediocre.


U know whats the best?

Birk Hognestad

You forgot the button masher

Hannah Wisdom

Anyways that chamber of secrets scene has always been the best since I was a kid and first saw it like I love it just in general not just because it’s good asmr


Dallas Best of fhe best


Knights of Columbus Dale!

l3ryan _

Aye bro what do u use to edit your videos?

Mark Clarke

The wave smashed her

Cait Cat Skull

I personally think the part of this topic of this male thinking girls not fighting back is weird because it feels a little dumb but I think this guy has never seen a girl can fight back add because of how it explains it to me wtf

Anthony Monroy

What is that black stuff on cody

tomas turbado

fake, as all these type of videos

Thái Bình Channel


Oof Gaming

I wish I could do this

Sverri Henriksen

#YIAYjob her job is to sing hamilton over and over again


Prey = prop hunt simulator

Ariah Lynn Anderson

1 like= one more life saved and not taken by parachute.



Sakura Nandini

How is wearing glasses a disability???? My sister has glasses and she's perfectly fine😒😒😒😒😒

me: bruh

LoneWolf CreativeGaming

Jeez how much crack were these guys on when they made this? This is just crazy


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