Discord - The Living Tombstone - Lyrics

This awesome song is available for download off itunes for FREE! but it is a podcast, but you can easily change the settings of the song to music and voila! You have the song on your ipod! Easy peasy!EnjoyI don't own the music, blah blah blah blah blah

Lachlan Harrison

Giant Troll in Norway. Okay, I’ll send a text to kratos and Atreus to kill it. And also, WTF. Are you sure this is a Disney princess film, because this feels more like a Marvel trailer

The Real Julian Edelman

I went straight to the the comments after I clicked on this video.

Hajzhi Chien

Be careful of filming the doctor or organization can sue you big time

The Matrix 64

Haha, pretty cool glitch you got ther- *hits 1:07 and gets a seizure* IDAWMIDOMAWIDOMAWDOMADODMASPDMADWUDBFYW

Doofy Time

Thats a lot of nerd guns


I myself wouldn't really mind if only boys had to go to school, I hate it and would rather stay at home (I don't live in a country where chores are a thing for kids) and be lazy.

King Equin0x

Great video.

Megan Esp

Lots of people like to put eyes on their vr

Julian Umlauf

I love the bloops

Jonathan Herman

CONGRATS ON 40 MILLION SUBS!!!! You guys are awesome

Brian Henegar

hell forget still alive, how did you get fry, leela, bender, and zoidberg in L4D2?


Am I the only one who think that the legendary pokemons are really ugly?

Dianne Wright

do please sub me I sub you

Based off of theodd1sout's video "Hobbies".

Donato Fam

Why did you destroy the court!?!!??! You might loose a lot of subscribers for that.

UnKoWn GaMeRs

He wouldn’t had lived unless my sister saved him

The Cody Roark 15

I would be the creepy guy gnawing on a pickle in the corner. My friend would be none, he doesn’t go to the gym, or a workout equipment at home....

jeff lester

How can you hate greatness? Let's go Tyler Tony!!!!!

Kuro Dude

I'm surprised no "Just Cause 2" Easter eggs were mentioned.

мя. нοℓοgяαм

Assassin's Creed: 3019

Casimus Prime

I just realized Cody is always Mr Excuses

isaac lives

He doesn't cite his sources, but I love the message he sends and still watches his videos.

Shital Mogdul

Last stunt amezing mind blowing stunt


And there’s no Gouda!!!! On here!!!!- joe world Tour


USB drive or burned DVD/CD or external hard drive or micro sd are still the most secure way to store your files and ensure that you can always access them. If all your files are stored on a cloud server and the server goes down permanently, your files are gone. If someone on the other end doesn't like the files you upload, they can delete them. Anyone on the other end can use or delete your files, but if it's on personal storage at home, only you or whoever you allow can access it unless someone steals the device.

Невидљиви Лик


Clair Ryan

My parents arn't even married

Trafalgar Law

1:40 he trowed the so called whiseler ? or something could someone tell me what that is :D ?

J.T. Smith

You Should do a video on sticky slime flips Shrek shot challenge dude perfect I love you guys but I can’t subscribe to my badge won’t let me

Eric Bryan

Garrett drop his phone at 2:32

Emma By the sea

If I’m being real here , I think he looks a bit like Zac Efron😆love this vid

Da Toastie

Only one word I can say about this

TSM Savage

I’m the buttery popcorn guy

maritsa flores vasquez

I'm feel like that old lady was the boyfriend's mother smack them both to hell


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