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Presenting you the DibbaradindiUpcoming Kannada Music Video feat. Shachina Heggar, Skanda AshokListen & Download #DIBBARADINDI song from#Saavn ► ► ► ► ► ► - Shachina HeggarLyrics - Manojava Galgali ( With TRADITIONAL FOLK )Music - Judah SandyMix & Mastering - Bharath BJDOP - Bhuvan GowdaEditor - SrikanthChoreographer - Mahi & ShivasArt Director - ChaitraHair and Make-Up - Shreeya, Chavan & PannaActors - Skanda Ashok & Shachina HeggarExecutive Producer - Yogesh K SrinivasDirected By - Dipanjan SanyalProduced By - Anil Uvaraj

Avengersfan2177beast Mulder

Dude. Your just. Perfect 👌


Hate to ruin the wondering, but more than most likely they decompile the game to see any weird on goings etc. When people on Counter-Strike: Source want a fast BHOP map time, they decompile the map to see any shortcuts. So I'm merely assuming that it is used in a similar fashion.

Sophie Stumpff

#YIAYjob pornstar

Ibrandir Morales

fuck usa 😠😠😠

Kagami Taiga

Very cool guys)))


3:14 turn on auto captions

Actually happened

Anderson Tran

I get scolded and compare me to other people and expect to do something they want but ignores that I like playing the cello because she doesn’t like it

L4tin_King 15

steph is overrated Period!!!


whos in the panda suit

I love these people!

Black Blue

How could someone do that? “Loving someone” “exchanging vows” and actually thinking that you’re ready to marry when in reality, you find the time to do this?


So there might be... A reality without the prequels?!

Renathor games

Vigil e Ela

Brian Carter

Steve Kerr the man for his comment 🤣

D2F Odin

Most fun was the go cart coolers

Wiktor K

Joseph is so humble, "I know I am not the best singer but I love to perform" That was so humble

Liam Dondisch

I am they are the best in the world go dp

Patrick Linder

3:30Cute puppy

Poisoned Wiener

@SwagginOnYoFace chuck norris counted to infinity. twice

Ayako Tami

This hit me in the feels. 😢 It wasn't her fault since she was so young.

Ilham aldiansyah

Old video :)


Wait, so is The Lab a VR game? Or can anyone get it? It looks interesting.

frisk sans

omg I think I have that I've been going throught the need to pee a lot and hurting stumice and I think I have that type of cancer but im only 12 but you can get cancer at any age I hope I don't have the type of cancer that's in this video and I hope you get better


at duke nukem my friend at school found doom guy in the game by accident

iceKnoxx actually see mario too at 0.56

Jen Le


Kritical Error

Dragon age inquisition....... Hwow.

Kevin Johnson

2:00 Me just before i wake up...

Davianmercedesgmail Mercedes


chaser gaming

this is this nice :)

E xtra perverted

CIARA Mercado

U should've married him first

Drummer 9000

I'm Mr.Know It All

something something something

That second relationship description broke my heart, why did it have to be red hair... I can relate so much


ok, let me refraise that, he is showing a site to make the person shut up

Lee Deplace

Nobody talks about the broad that tried to swat the ball away what was she doing ?

Fun w/ Sheeps

If you haven’t been hit by a big wave and face planted into the sand..

Abigail Pinckney

Um mm.....gross!

Chesh Noir

Good you girl


Background music is so calming

Берик Асанов



where were the others

Ashton Pfaff

Did anyone else notice how there was already dents in the milk jug before it exploded?

2:30 It looks like she's walking on the bus lmao

Woody and Joe Play


Grace miramontes


parsa jamaat

Sth is telling me that this movie is gonna be bad, simply because we know nothing about the movie after two trailers.

Ricky Anderson


Jess Swales

Sounds like a sociopathic to me

Booker DeWitt

The L4D2 Easter egg is a Easter egg-CEPTION because in this song is a easter egg for Half life because she is saying black mesa xD

U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum il shank ya ootsid tesco

So many of these are creepy as fuck..

Olivia Lau

I don't like her


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