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Shahriyar Rohan

Who watch in 2017


I just finished my month long playthrough. What a game! To no ones surprise I missed pretty much each of these. You have gotta do part 2 man! =)

Maarten Smaling

@WCLrush they can move the basketball hoop

But can I get a shout-out next video

Balázs Nagy

at 3:12 the hammer just slid in the hole

Sherlock Holmes90

Aja! I knew it! The owner of Amazon finally said the logo secret

Ghost Tugra

Gray tactical is my favorite😁

David Sneakers


محسن الغرباوي

مرحبا صديقي

Mr. Spaghetti

This man... will 10up any fu$&ing story from anyone of all time.

Let’s Play Roblox!

This was to cringe because I play basketball and I can not watch this


7:22 a newspaper where there stands ''zombie Elvis found'' is that a easteregg?

That leaves us with 3 years.


How many cameramans did you have

Yan-Chan that child who is shy around senpai

Some of these really describe me...

Bo Kong


martin vega



Fear Triggers

oh my god i laughed so hard when you used the scarab gun 

Chaos VII

Yheeeeea woooow!

John Rohrkaste

That rock giant at the end was the giant from Barbie and the nutcracker.

Patrick Long



All these are spoilers.

raffy gutless wimp

i think the only person that may have a slim reallly slim chance of beating ricardo, will probably be brian scalabrine.. imagine that!

It somehow became,


breakdancing germans LOL

kimtaehyung -ieee

My mum didn’t have her period for a year... after a year she got her period FOR ONLY 3 DAYS WTF HOW-

Trouble 955

Goes hard g

Shaswot Pokharel



Yall predicted SB50 at the noon part. Cam Newton running from Denver's defense

Audrina Waldera


Elisa Roberts

Teachers should be the highest paid people. They taught us everything we know.


Pink Floyd song name ?

Malina Moxley

I think I’m pregnant 🤰 and I’m only like 11 how do I do this

abbie da gatcha girl

snap chat /\???!!!!

not andrae

I just love when Guru uplouds.

Dead Toast

count how much times they screamed


I'm so happy Ocelot still calls Big Boss "Snake."

Rachel W

Oh my goodness these future story vídeos are SO powerful.

Kevin Eason


MAKTOUM alyassi

Who watched this 100 times!


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