Devika & Vijayakumari - Sendoor Murugan - Santhi

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Animalamazing YT

U should do listening to every song ever non stop

Sonic exe

Hey wait a second!!! I am from Serbia and you say that we are close minded shut the fuck up little emo kidd you dont even deserve to be in my contry when you speak about it


😍prode of you

Steve Senar

Thanks for the easter eggs +FunWithGuru :)


lol dragon, i was scarred :D


You ain’t talking money nigga you don’t speak my language 💸

Alexius Prathama

Last easter egg,such wow ,much weird,very doge like

just a random guy

I subscribed

Chelsea SS

Im A Breech too

Tom Dierks

you guys should film at xtreme air wisconsin

Su Woo

Yea no. I’m pulling up to her job and we’re fighting. And then in filing for divorce.



Mr. TJA gaming. Lol

School stereotypes

Carter DeSousa

Keep up the good work guys

kitty panda



mw2 was crappy. CoD used to be good until CoD 5.

leminut Getan

do soccer

Rosa Robles

Honestly Tati..... as much as I loved this video, I WANT A TUTORIAL ON THIS LOOK!! THE EYES!! THE LIPS!! THE SKINNNN!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 SO STUNNING AND GLOWY 👀👀👀👀👀

james howell

My favorite metal powder is Fe2O3 and aluminum

•G a c h a I z z y•

Every story the voice actor sounds the same


Sexist sexist

Daychu War


sanzplayz 2

so we're all going to just ignore the noose in the background on 0:34 yes? okay.

Mia Koontz Vlogs

Emma is closer to Ethan, ethma approved?

Wow Poor You I feel bad god bless your heart

Devon Palmer

Hitman should've sat on the bench with the yellow shirt man like Mario did for the business man

Hassan Tahri

1:46 Moroccan Easter Egg

H. H. Ewen

At The Beginning


you missed the terminator hand in the second mission yo


Missed the game. How did Durant do?

~don’t EVER tell your friend again without proof. They won’t believe you unless they see it with their own eyes. I had to learn myself. No matter how long you’ve known them, or how close you are compared to their relationship with their significant other, they still won’t believe you.

Daniel Aranda

they should be QBs

All your stupid exes, they gon' call again 


2019 anybody

[G.L.N.C] Imperial

Smack the dog doodoo shit out of him.

Matt Quinn


Super Gario

Did anyone notice at3:08 the hammer went into the wall

I will do everything in my power to recover from this terrible thing to have a good quality of life

Zachary deSylva

R.I.P. ty's saints shirt

Toni Price

3:13 what's wrong with his left eye.?


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