Dayavittu Gamanisi - Marete Hodenu Unplugged | Vasishta Simha | J Anoop Seelin | Rohit Padaki

Unauthorised uploading of this video on any online portal will incite legal action.JP Music presents Marete Hodenu unplugged video Song from upcoming movie Dayavittu Gamanisi directed by Rohit Padaki, starring Raghu Mukherjee,Samyukta Hornad,Vasishta NSimha,Prakash Belawadi,Rajesh Nataranga,Sangeetha Bhat,Avinash Shatamarshan,Sukruta Wagle,Poornachandra Mysore,Bhavana Rao in leading roles. The song Marete Hodenu unplugged is sung by Vasishta N Simha. The music is composed and produced by J Anoop Seelin and lyrics are written by Jayanth Kaikini.The movie “Dayavittu Gamanisi“ is releasing in July 2017.Movie- Dayavittu GamanisiBanner - Krishna CreationsIn association with- Padaki Productions& J P Music Producer - Krishna Sarthak Director - Rohit Padaki Music - J Anoop SeelinSong- Marete Hodenu unpluggedLyrics - Jayanth KaikiniSingers - Vasishta SimhaDOP - Arvind S Kashyap Editor - Kiran KumarColorist- Tom C JoseKeyboard - Umesh Violin - ManibharatiMixed by B R Naveen Kumar @ MIXING IN THE BOX,BengaluruMastered by Khussh Mehta @ KURMA.MASTERING,MumbaiAudio Label - JP Music© 2017 JP MusicSanchari video song - Hodenu video song - us:Facebook: us:Twitter:

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