Raipur में बच्चों से जबरन क्यों बिकवाए जा रहे हैं गुब्बारे? | Chhattisgarh Elections

#LallantopChunavYatra #ChhattisgarhElection #RaipurChhattisgarh Election 2018: A kid named Avinash was seen selling balloons on streets of Raipur, Chhatisgarh. Balloon seller kid talks abouteducation and family. Install The Lallantop Android App:The Lallantop on Facebook: The Lallantop on Twitter: By: The LallantopCamera and Edit : Rajat Sain


I went missing in Walmart before.....

Vialin Nova

i'm sorry but it's the 21st century, what rock did she live under to not know girls could fight back?

Chanchal Jain


Natalie Ferullo

boo stars go devils


It’s sad to see him leave😢been with him for so long

jordan _playzxx



black ops origin zombies

stream sniper alert


If I was the waitress I would of kicked the boyfriend out of the house and called the police

No super cars

Bernardo Henrique



Minecraft easter eggs I was born 3 months to early

Steve Medina

100 likes for backflip and Water Bottle Flip

Midnight Star

At the begin of video you play as Rockman X ?


you guys are fucking lame

Phil Shepherd

Another fantastic video. Into the Spider-Verse is such phenomenal movie that clearly had passion and dedication behind it. Also, the music you put into your videos turns watching them into some kind spiritual experience

Eduardo Margay Zimic

I dont like this Squall, isnt the fact that he looks like Nicolas Cage, but, I like the old Squall, this looks too millenial


The John Wick of the toilet bowl world

Who did he say he was, that he wasn't?

Cailin Kainz

I like for the kids 12 slaps for the mom

Keaton Van Kampen

anyone watching in 2019

ksjsnanqn ksjsksjan

girl: *cries bc of b* He is a hmm unmm OHH. toxic relationship

Bigc Gaming

Theres 2 other billboards references. One is Baby Shower which reference the movie bridesmaid and two said Kisslind which reference the R&B singer The Weeknd

Petar Prokić

I am from Serbia

Carla Flores

From 2:00-2:56 that same thing happened to me once and was too blind to see it at the moment that it was happening


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