Daffy & Flipp - Shino Alkalam Hatha دافي و فلب - شنو الكلام هذا

Daffy&Flipp - Shino Alkalam Hatha دافي و فلب - شنو الكلام هذاALNAZAER CLIPSSubscribe:في قناة النظائر

Yarlagadda Venkateswara Rao

I am 11 years old and I am above 50kgs but my friends are nice to me

John Santander

Is that Antman?

Jtk4 Jr3

Congrats Coby

Music Productions

Yay!!! Panda!!!!

A Bosh

Khabib goes shoe shopping. Make it happen.

Pizzaundercontrol Graphics

0:48 Problem - Ariana Grande?

Denzel Howard

2:19 I doubt that she was even acting

meme Boy mad City

Your aint Adi FROM Germany your already dead


yalla habib

song called?


In 1968, Eric Clapton gave George Harrison a cherry red guitar. At the time, Harrison was 25 (1943 + 25 = 1968) and Clapton was 23 (1945 + 23 = 1968), which averages to the age of 24. That guitar had serial numbers that corresponded to a batch that had shipped from a factory in a December, with 7 being the first number in the serial. Harrison then used the guitar through many of the Beatles' most famous works.

Victor Ruiz

Out of all of the arenas he choose the mavs

quest 77051

came here from WIRED.....that dude is epic.

Chris Smith

He just took that off the nose! haha fuckin great!

Boxsz JP

I never noticed the l4d S.I. in cabin in the woods. Still the best. Hoping for more Fun with guru

Northern Lights

At first I thought the title meant she turned him straight and she was going to DIEEEEEE but she's not homophobic so we're all fine here.

Destructive Creation

Her name was Demi hmmmmmmm interesting

Keigan Jones

Where could you find one of those mini trampolines. 0:28

Hilton Carpenter

If that was lebron it would be a different story glad Chris mentioned it

Ethan the super kelly

Awesome 👏😎🤩

oh wrong channel

Zoldak CZ

nice :) cant Wait for Next episode :)

Jack Newburg

Go Jays Go!!!!!!

Big Pun

1:40 - that bottle LANDED

That Filthy Weeaboo

More than likely weather related, with high winds and fog compounded by the screwy way the wind goes through the space between buildings in a major city. My question is, why was there a helicopter in the air on a day like today, in such weather conditions? I used to go fishing, even I knew to stay off the water in such conditions for safety's sake.

Franco Moyano

I have been following you for 2 years and i have to say that i was sad at the start of the video, i just wish you luck (sorry if the english is bad)

William Thiele

I have cystic fibrosis

Srinivas Vadrevu

ty looks like santa claus.

gabriel hermosa

go to Philippines and fish it will be amazing

I like being me

Ahmed Janahi

20 1 9 Any won

Jay Welch

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Been knew J.Stone had it.. Rip Nip

Austin Cutway

Why doyouplaywithglass


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