Daddy: 'Patta pakkinti kodi...' song!

Watch the song 'Patta pakkinti kodi...' featuring Chiranjeevi, Simran and Ashima from the movie 'Daddy'. SP Balasubramaniam, Kavitha and Anuradha Sriram have sung this song to which SA Rajkumar has composed music.

marco antonio

this is why the traffic cone didnt launch were gonna launch this sucker sky high (rocket stays on ground)

Tanner Grinnell

You can tell it is not the first shot when they make it because they always have different shirts

Middle sister: autism and 5+ other mental illnesses (alot of ptsd depression and anxiety)and she gets sick alot, she is frikking allergic to SHOES! and most medicines and she suffers from seizures. She has tried to kill herself on many occasions



Stephen Cannon

You have 100000$

DanielYT Vo

Well I’m in 2019 wow look at there hair

Scooter squad 123 !!!

Ty’s hair do



Mix it up!

Dos graphics tho

Edoardo Tognozzi

Love the way you make your videos. I often watch easter eggs only because of you lol

Seancito Sousa

"Kept you waiting huh?" Yeah, I'm still waiting for a real MGSV with DAVID HAYTER

mirza idar

Panda is Jeff Tonny

Adam Wechsler

At least the developer isn't EA. It's Respawn Entertainment (which is owned by EA, but distinct nonetheless). Respawn worked closely with Lucasfilm and the developer Stig Asmussen worked on the God of War series.

Tim Reason

I just love skiing

william taylor

ok not really

kathrin w

18:58 Seriously lady, you just don't notice the swimming pool do you.

Mr. Jordan

man Guillermo got really fat...i watched nba media day from 2015 and he was really thin back then

Anything Cards

Okay first of all he didn’t rape you, you touched you. Relax. It wasn’t right and I’m not justifying him but like it’s not the end of the world. Also TO THE DUMB COUNSELOR YOU ARE NOT HELPING TELL THE PARENTS!!!! YOU NEED TO TALK THROUGH WITH HER YOU DONT KNOW THE SITUATION AT HOME!!!! ITS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU TO DO THAT!!!

nor homosexuals,

Jaden Alston

Wow get tuff people t my school call each other the opisit gender all the time sorry for my spelling please reply thank you

Tumi Aaron


Sutton Coffman

Love this song


Inside job.

ŒOwen _

She’s Latina you know

Coxy 37

September 2018???

huy nguyen

2:45 sẽ

Deer ChaboodanPlayz

My grandpa died too but I did not really spend time with him because he lived in another country

Me:nothing My name is Olivia, and this is my true story of an old friend. Back when I was in kindergarten, I had a friend Kara. She also had a friend named Sidney. We were like the three amigos. We were best friends, but something triggered Kara and Sidney, because once I got to the first grade, they hated me. When I asked them what did I do wrong they would say that I bullied them, pulled Kara's hair. And I knew that they weren't lying because my parents and kindergarten teachers knew about it. But now the kindergarten teachers think that I'm more mature than what I was then. But when ever I try to apologize, they would never forgive me, or they would tell me to go away. I just want a friend ........... I just wanted to apologize. CAUSE I DO MEAN IT!!!!! But when I was in second grade, I ment a soon-to-be-friend named Kiara, (no not Kara, kiara), When I first met her, I yelled at her because she made another person cry. But the next day she sat next to me like we were friends before. We started talking and a whole new world has opened to me. We where best friends ever since that day. And we are still now friends. And soon enough I gained more friends over the years, they are the best friends ever, to the point where I forgot about Kara and Sidney. Because my friends forgives me when bad things happens. I know it's hard to accept apologies, but you can't stay mad at them forever. This is not a made up mortal or leason, it's a experience.

Bako Kaitlyn

Dear @FunWithGuru

Noah Tetreault

Popsicles are just ice cream cones as long as you eat the stick

Gizskier Gaming


Bryan: No cheating guys, stop moving!

Robert Mirsky


Javier owo


Cj Orazi

You have to use sope

Jesus is comming back 4 his ppl

Y'all mad cause I tell y'all about Jesus and how he saves?! See how backwards this generation is.


“Woman are better drivers than men” are you sure about that

WarShock12 Gt

Don’t worry you might see him in hell or heaven idk


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