Curd Quinoa- Indian Style Quinoa Recipe | Vegetarian Lunch & Dinner Recipes By Shilpi

Quinoa recipes is good for weitht loss. Cur quinoa is easy Vegetarian Indian recipe for lunch,dinner and for work. This Indian quinoais a variation of curd rice a very famous dish.Here is the quick ingredient list of curd quinoa recipe• Quinoa: ½ cup,• Water: 1 cup,• Peanuts: ¼ cup,• Butter (or ghee): 1 tbsp,• Cumin seeds (zeera): ½ tsp,• Mustard seeds (rai): ½ tsp,• Dry red chilly: 2,• Curry leaves: 3-4,• Chana dal (Bengal gram): 1 tsp,• Dhuli Urad dal (Black gram): 1 tsp,• Ginger (fine chopped): ½ tsp,• Curd (thick): 1 cup,• Fine chopped cucumber: ½ cup,• Coriander leaves: 1 tbsp,• Salt, Cooking Oil,• Milk: 2 tbsp (optional)• Blog link for Curd Quinoa: can also browse lunch and dinner recipes: and Share on Social Media:----- FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+:


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