‫من يد مولات المخامر , حرشة ضاع عمري و انا كانصايبها بطريقة غالطة😔 تصوير حصري حسن من زنقة‬‎

dir="rtl"من يد مولات المخامر لالة حسناء 😍, حرشة ضاع عمري و انا كانصايبها بطريقة غالطة😔 تصوير حصري حسن ب 1000 درجة من ديال زنقة بطريقة صحيحة مقاديركيلو الا ربع سميدة رقيقة شوية ملح معلقة سكر خمارةنصف كاس زيتماء بارد

She is a light switch

Chevizz M.

That game named Thalos looks gorgeous.

a chocolate starfish

lovin it always!

Chris Bowler

cory aged better

Nana Gelovani


She ......was the only sister I had .

Taesav Sav


Unnamed Intellectual

At 2:23 it's from above, who took the picture?

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CUBERf forever

so the extinction one wasw done in a public match and it said lol and I was like what and the toys dropped and tried to pickem up but couldnt snhahhahahahh

Sengkol Lombok

dude perfect aka fruit ninja LOL good job dude...i like your video...

Clutch Thrill

this is awesome i want MORE :)

Keep it up darling x

Kailee Lacy

I stood up to my bully 😃😃


So good.

Autism Overload

How did you get your characters like that?

D Link

How is this not #1 on trending? YouTube is so dumb sometimes.

blink reveluv once army codesteen army codesteen

i don't know if i am depressed or what. I just don't want to go to school but yes i just can't leave school :( i have friends and my family, i am happy when i am with them, but sometimes when i am lonely i just wanna kill myself. I don't know i love to live but i hate myself for being like this. fucking shit i don't know what i am going to do. luv u

christian baturi

In 1:51 is that girl playing GTA5 in real life lol


Dizzy kickball


NF: Goes Shopping

Trinity Pollock


Alicia Kenney

Why is emma me when my friends are fighting (they are sisters)


lol real, but probably took them hmmm 3,000,000 times XD 5*****

XTREME Gamming


I discovered DP after I moved though so...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Student Hunter Wenning

I want a snow day


anyone 2033

Kristy Budhia

The Cody trust shot is my favorite

Angela Teja

To Jennie:


I love you Guru! Merry Christmas and have a happy new year! Can't wait to see what's in store for all of us in 2017! 👌

Don’t buy school lunch


Favorite Youtuber


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