Congress High Command Must Rethink | On Serilingampally Seat Allotment to TDP | Bikshapathi Yadav

Izvetlana Rodriguez

team cody


Clash of clans is still a thing?


Thank you Disney for giving us a more mature movie !

Djnwordfistercottonpicker Ongod


Sara millie

Why tf do all her shirts have that weird cut out thing on the chest

Ashlynne Gramke

Who is the panda

Pengi Penguin

That first one was half the movie theater at, Avengers Endgame

CrazyMonkey2191 On xbox

0:00 weird flex but ok

Akper Vonts es

I’m so hungry

Gabriel Flores



Wait you have a heli with dP wow I wish I was that cool 😣Edit:1 like for how many times they say LETS GO OHHHHHHHHH 😂

Ocpax ce

Man, I don't know why I am here. I don't even have a DOG. (still love your videos)

Carson Bartel


The Hot Gates

"So maybe open borders may not lead to overwhelming immigration or the collapse of our welfare system" - THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING! 100% WRONG! This video is just so typical of the naive stupidity of the left, who get it wrong every time!

james rossong

honestly, I thought you were a 15 year old ×D

Sana A

This is so catchy, I'm going to be humming this song at 3 am when I get up to piss, for like a month at least

Sarah Kilbane

it is in incredibles

Dylan Killey

345 Tyler had an extra marshmallow you can see the original go flying

Supporter or fan.


It’s happenin kind of to me the now the fact that we have obnoxious delinquents in school systems in the western world who do this stuff to vulnerable children is unbelievable

Aidan Gordon


I’m Dead and Not fine

I thought this was gonna be a really homophobic video

Galaxy Gurl

Here before 2 views!

Anuraga Jain

oops i am sorry i wrote the wrong comment for the wrong video i was supposed to write this in football world records

Seriously Royal

You had to remind me of that Game of Throne scene hadn't you?

SteelCityBDog 0301

They should do a best of 2017 with Coby's battle win



NOW ilusion + Wave

Michael Phillips

constipated Ty2:49plop plop plop plop

Flower Lover

I divorced him right then..

Kiwa 91

So basically you are terrible waiter, you were rude to your customer, sprayed champagne at a customer, then just fricking LEAVE (like wtf) 😂, and passes out on the customer who you sprayed champagne ons car.


hang on....

Dalton Atkins

@10:41 he hit him during the solute


Does this mean that the metal gear universe and the silent hill universe are connected?

Munmun Chowdhury

This is a story that is so private that you did not tell your mom but you shared it with thousands of people wow ❤️LOVE YOU BY THE WAY



Wano Fox

Where they find these 2 tomato cans at? I've seen better fighting at the local bar?

Husam Bahra

11:03 - 11:05

Ezekiel Prado

muthahtruckin truck is every where, I watched every single Disney movie and I saw it in every movie, except monsters university!

Hunny I already judged you

malik no

Do swimming trick shots

Shagerith Vids

Sub zero vs frozen

Lee Clement

Booooooo USAGooooooo team gb


My uncle is diabetic oh and quick joke If you are sad just think of the joke die of beaties

Vedant Sailesh

make stunt driving battle 2


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