Colmbia college raipur fresher party2017

Marco Berkat

your the collest

Marusheka Chander

U say BTS i thought she was an ARMY

Gem Games

4:49 oh look it's me

Mike Garcia

"THEM DONUTS ARE TASTY AS SHIT!" Highlight of my day.

Tiger Stenson

Nice drive

Owen Hammond

Ty said I haven'thad a ticket in my lifeCody that's not true

Josh Cullen

How old do you have to be to get a job with dude perfect

Dave Blank

Potassium Permanganate will stain your skin brown..

Emily Noel

Try to get Call why Kawih Leonard in one I am a huge fan of y’all


Dude Perfect The Best Of World Record

Jaideep Lingineni

Who likes the minute video music?

Asher W.


Anna C

The Hurter wants to be a doctor


I love how everyone points out the voice actors when he points it out in the video

Alyssa Cloud

I cried unconditionally

idfc .-.

reads the title

Drew Playz

Yeah love the Seahawks favorite team Russell I got your jersey


ranpgz™ 53

+funwithguru where do u get source of Easter eggs?

Aidan Chaddick

The first Dude Perfect video.

Ambar Pinheiro

Did you guys get ebola?

Frisk Determination Dreemurr

Is it just me or is her hair getting darker and is his hair getting lighter

Anaiah Grace Jackson

Did anybody notice that Kristen was looking thicc today

vlad fox


Alexa Corpe


Vixiniara *

Boy: send me pics of your juicy peaches


Dog peeing 8n background


The panda on the atv and the basketball XD

Ngọc Trà My Mai

I can imagine how rich they are

Hugh G. Rection

thumbs up if you like 7 up

People with this are beautiful and amazing. You would know if you’ve ever met anyone with Bi Polar disorder.


where do you get the panda costume

Jay birb

I feel like this girl could be Deku-


This was the first Dude Perfect video I have ever seen

Dj DErpS a LoT

So, this game has a My Little Pony Easter egg? This is now officially a must get game! Lol

Herman Miller

High to low to high

Jurassic Jameson

Do you guys know Tom cruise in person?


Gotta love how number 2 is one that takes some effort to find and that then has this big reveal. And then number one is a giant shark belly flop XD


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