College life | Disha college Raipur Chhattisgarh

Disha college Bca final year student 2015

İbrahim Akın Yılmaz

Old but gold:)

William McTernan

At the end they were high on gum

Yousif Ayshoa

Nice video man all love and support ❤️

Anna kendrick is awesome

I'm from Serbia and live in Germany and I like Anna kendrick (obviously) and I ship bechloe. So when I was in Serbia to visit my family, we somehow ended up talking about Anna kendrick, and when I mentioned brittany snow and bechloe, they said that "something in gay people mind is wrong" and that "they are not normal". So my whole "Serbian side" of the family, if you know what I mean, is very homophobic. I'm not proud of it, especially not coz I dont know my sexuality coz I never had a crush on a girl neither a boy. Soo this is gonna be fun.

He look like a low budget will Smith

Pudoepie :P

This wasn’t his first try cause there’s another video so he is a pedifile

Kidz Forever

What mom tells your younger sister something and not you?


Aww this is so sad

5 days ago

Mr Musgrove

Would you ever consider a face reveal? Would love to put a face to that great British accent. Love the vids :)

Lisairis Violeta King Mota

eso es in creible

Michaela and Cruz!

Canni borrow polly?

Mark Angel Llandino

High to low

Breakthrough!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

General03 Lee

I love the way his eyes lit up


SoLo Clan

hey you guys ever see the video of that kid saying vica vica vica vica die man

Ray Hubbard

4:40 me when I go camping and try to make food


I love Coby cuz he is a very nice person even if there rude to him TEAM COBY!


Great video guru!

Andrew W.

In the future, the subway train comes every 45 seconds without stopping..

Nikki Bergmeier

I love dude perfect

Digon Games

5:20 me too

Llama Drama

A b s e n c e


I'm excited. really really excited.

Gajendra Singh


Ashley Batke

OMG 😱 i thought Anne was a friend


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