college dance performance silphili c.g.

silphili surguja (c.g.)

The Dude

Thiis world is SOOO FAKEE

Theodora Ryan

Beautiful name!! Congratulations 💕💕

Leanne Gates

What is that move at 3:29

Dan Thomason


Dylan Cortez

I want one please

SmartCatie Wilson

3:03He says he’s the rage monster, and he does the rage monster!

เป็นเจ้าของ no1 ไนอินเน็ต บุคใช้


Thanks I'll see you guys in another 2 years

elisyanis campos

you guys should do an expectation vs reality video

Sgt Nutcracker

At the beginning of the game, a white board can be found and hints toward the three little pigs, it says and I'll blow your house dowb


I want to request Giant volleyball


Now this is Epic

cindy chen

Any suggestions? My dad gambles and smokes a lot! He smokes a lot of cigarettes and he doesn't have the thought of quitting it. He smoked for more than 20 years he has heart disease and we told him more than 100 times to quit it he will never he always gambles too he doesn't want to work the only time he stopped was when he was sick having a cold ..


i like bloops and MORE OVERTIME

Cat Saito

about ufos... UFOs are unidentified flying objects.. we pretty much can identify them pretty well XD ( alien, yes, ufo, nope )

Ken Keneki


Kuz: "damn"

Güzel Kayra

#:34 trending in Turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🎉🎉🎊🎊

Dennis LaVergne

giggum aggies

Sadlar Honk

U not rich lol

Esther Vateitei

Are these real stuff?

Lunatic Wolf

title "my handsome boyfriend doesn't care that I'm autistic"

Ryker Ketcham

H3H3 Did it better

Nelisa Goso

In the sumo battle

Brandon Gonzalez


Hannah collett

3:54 their faces 😂😂


My dads condom failed...

Tnx for the likes

The Humble Hero

Main characters name is madeline but otherwise good job

black gem

Dudes you are so perfect..


hey tati..quick question....How does it feel to get a diamond play button by using one of your friends who treated u and loved u like is mom??


3:25 미쳤네 신동사가 나오다니ㅠㅠ 사랑해요 뉴트 ㅠㅠㅠ

Amanda ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

I love the MineCraft one


Picasso VVIX

Out of all the final fantasies 8 is probably the only one I didnt get into. I've played all of them, and 7 was my first one that made me fall in love with it. I played 8, but I wasnt too into it like I was with 7 and 9 for the playstation. Then X and then 12, because 11 was online, but I still want to play 13 and 14. I just beat 15. But I'm so hyped for the FF7 remake!


My most popular series returns for a fourth episode. It's only a Top 5 because I couldn't find enough for another Top 10, I also wanted to use a few that other people haven't. I really hope you guys enjoy this as I know a lot of you have been wanting this for a long time. Thanks for all the support over the years! My first commentary is coming soon.

Gustav Milke

Omg Jenna I love uou


2019 March onwards ?

2 months ago

Prepare for panda !!

So my twin sister was like 2 and me and Claire have athsma she had a oxagin mask and i don't really remember much or that because I was 2 bur she is still alive thank god.



Dillon L-X.

When garret had hair. The overdraft vid where garret had to run a mile as a wizard showed he had no hair.


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