Ciuperci umplute cu piept de pui si legume/ Aperitiv pentru sarbatori

☆Ingrediente:•600g ciuperci •sare,piper, usturoi pudra, curry, fulgi de ardei iute, oregano •2 cubulete unt•1 ceapa • 1 morcov si jumatate •jumatate piept de pui •jumatate ardei rosu gras •4 catei de usturoi •4 fire de ceapa verde •mozzarella si branza cedar

Austin Jackson

The 5 dudes should make their own basketball team, noone would stand a chance lol... We are blocked...lemme just throw it 50 feet, no problem.lo

Christina Adams

which is sooooooooooooo cool

Zara Ralph

Does anyone know how they met

Vika Rs

my dad is an alcoholic too. I don't think he will be able to stop drinking: once he said "I will never stop drinking because we live once I want to spend my life as I want". he is always drunk, he smells badly. he is fat too. he drinks three times a day. and I share flat with him... I can't wait to graduate and just go the hell away from him.

Lorenz Kuth

roses are red

Elise Udy

Flex tape and seal

Pastor of Muppets

I hate the easter eggs in Gears of War, I like short, subtle, weird secrets

Swift Plays

I want one of those bikes

Joel Ortega

Im the mr no touchie


What happened to videos? :(

Joakim Forslund

my friend do this to me and i kill myself soon

Kyndall Clarice

I start to feel so strong like I can tell my parents. Then when they ask what’s wrong the words won’t come out. They get frustrated because I won’t tell them. I know I need help and it’s my fault that I can’t get it. If I wasn’t so stupid I could tell them.

Oscar Benavides


Jacky Dover

But a freak in the sheets oml

SnowingHaze PGo

My name is Ella too! :p

Kieron Flude

At least u lose weight I’m fat


and i spelled it wrong......


Hulk Hogan

It really makes you feel like goku

Dylan Voigt

so like all the symptoms of panic disorder matched what i feel. but you know he said it comes as attacks. my shit is constant and doesnt stop. im always feeling a syptom. but fuck a doctor i dont want their xans

Theo TheCat

I’m the replay

Max And Brian

Do not tap read more

Rien Chan

This creeps me out, but overall nice series and i wish it had on netflix as episode.

Chrisophorus Robinson

Contamination COC

Dorilin Ramos

What a about school for moms and dads

Deepak Kumar Ddx



LOL IM DEAD 💀 2:13

CroonZip GT

Türkler Burada Mı ? 🇹🇷🇹🇷


I've always pictured you as an italian guy.. dunno why lol

Zachary Richards

that is crazy

Engji Hoti

Is it a girl or a boy

Em Guest

Seem uneasy


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