Chhattiesgarhi Comedy Clip | Alkarha Tura | Best Comedy Video In ROHIT CHANDEL

Chhattiesgarhi Comedy Clip | Alkarha Tura| Best Comedy Video In ROHIT CHANDEL


Ace Strife

Dat shark.

Erica Senatin

Coby I'm in your team please 1 more like- I'm gonna talk to him on viber


Who is watching dis in 2016?

kush dave

hey guru im yr big fan loved this video i just want to say that this november 10 fallout 4 gonna release so im hoping for some cool easter eggs and yr the right guy and the master of finding easter eggs....

Holden England

Congrats on 40M

Jessica Sanna

Guys this so serious, does anyone have knowledge about my case? No matter how I study, no matter what method of studying I do I completely blank out when it comes to the exams, that’s why I fail, the only reason why I passed high school is because SPECIAL PROJECTS they gave me, and it just became worst when I turned college, eventually I past in a college school where they give students a chance, even if they kinda failed on its entrance, but I felt back for it, because they were giving me a chance but I felt like I misused that chance they gave me :( the more I read or study the more my mind gets blanked, EVEN IF I AM FOCUSED , and completely alone EVEN IF I HAVE TUTORS BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL I HAD TUTOR, I still can’t pass. In college however I don’t know if it’s because OF THE SUBJECTS THEY ADDED THAT ARE NOT RELATED TO THE COURSE because I’m actually good at the subjects that are course related, but I’m not good at those that aren’t that’s why I wasn’t able to finish college, but till now no one had gave me the right answers because they said if it was a studying disability, it’s different than that... SOME THINKS I AM NOT STUDYING HARD ENOUGH even if I already explained I DID 🤦🏻‍♀️ I already am success now even without graduating college, BUT DOES ANYONE FOUND MY CASE IN STUDYING FAMILIAR? Is it a disorder????

Anime Panda

And I thought that having two operations was unlucky but all that you've been through is horrible I'm glad your ok and i wish you the best of life! ❤️😘🎉

Beep Beep Lettuce

She’s such a dick..


Garett was ill or having a kid

Lil Isis

About time

Burger Girl

I’m sorry....

Mason CP 11

R.I.P. old guy... the true 🐐

Thadd Termeer

a 1 year ban just for a shove? wow

Eva Mendez



what is he ridding?????

Meatling Party

Michael is legendary

IOS Terraria God

Why am I watching this in 2019

Twitch Clan

Go look at Jared 22 life hack trick shots

Ayaan Khan


skeexix 01

Level out your leans to the right. Sammy boy.

Bobby Lee

Read more

Hugo Accioli

the video was made in 2009 and this guy was already in 3018

Mr.Faangus_ 27

Buen día a todos    

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