C.g village Shadi dance Bhansuli(Narharpur)Dist Kanker


Mariam Altalikany

It’s made me cry

Aidan Jon


Don Moore

So fans in the crowd of malice in the palace getting beat up wasn’t a huge deal tho didn’t see it being a big deal against the players. Weak as push what’s the big deal


3:36 0.25x


This one looks like a full blown commercial Btw were you actually playing on an Xbox one or PC?, cause I see your gameplay is in 60 fps

derek and sterling flips

4:57 wii sports resorts throwback

Theo Jolliffe

are you going to do a face reveal also how did you come up with the name guru kid/funwithguru

Victor Urquia

Round 1- fancy

Intelligent man

Um no youre not youtube is

cherokeewolflover132 animegurl

let us take a moment to appreciate the things we have that others don`t like parents and a safe place to live and stay.


That SSTV thing is pretty nutty, how does that even work?!

Kain Ashford

hey guru, i've been with your channel forever...even when I didn't know how to make a youtube acc, love you and your vids. very underrated and clearly you put a lot of time and effort into them. <3

Klara Blöndal

I’m eleven and I have had two ex’s 😅

Hirosuke Namikaze

I don't like the zombie mode,or something like that... Boy: Send DP which is Dude Perfect

Alyvia Rae

My mom wouldn’t let me get the tickets because we are in illinois🥺 i love you ace family

Sky Bright

Grayson: HeY EtHaN!!

Fortniteboy kills13

Flip n dip

Briza•Wolfe Queen

Why is it the SAME VOICE (btw I’m not hating )

KillerMoon K1R4

My soul has been thoroughly offended


Hmmmm... this kinda looks like a butt ice cream: <3     Now you can't unsee it :D

Hamish Davidson

Where can one donate to the Tijuana Piranhas start up fund?


I found a message that says im on night shift behind the blueprints in 3:46

Rizal Bryan

Waiting for second soundtrack of demi Lovato again 😍😍😍 Amazing Disney you always give beautifull movie and this is my favorite 👍👍😊😊


The 10k people who disliked this vid probably have been shot by a shotgun 😂


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