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Andjelija V X

That is not natural at all. You are not born that way, that is made by ill society. This boy wasn't born that way, he always was playing only with this girl, he didn't have an effective male figure in life. If he lived on an island with not tv or any contact with society he wouldn't know about this lgbt cult. That is simply not natural, God made us different. It doesn't mean that you need to be rude to people who are struggling in their mind with sexuality, it doesn't mean that they who 'are living for human rights and freedom of beliefs' should treat you bad because you don't support the normalization of illness. They can be really good people but to normalize the sick state of mind is nowadays a becoming reall issue. It is like, why are you not supporting sociopaths? They are just as people as you are. What they do is normal right? If you have different beliefs( at this point it is not a belief, it is a fact) you will be not respected by innovative social standards. It is the same here. If you don't use pronounce that they want you to use you are automatically getting humiliated. And it is all because you're not going to accept normalization of an illness. Just because you think that you're a woman doesn't make you one. It is same as this- just because you think that you're a giraffe doesn't make you one. Simple as that.

Aperture Scinece said - Moon Kisses my Ass! 


Stop bashing this man. seriously. You girls think you are absolute angels. I bet half of you have cheated on your boyfriends. Shut up.

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I'm sorry people go through this..they need professional help with their disorder...and not a fake "acceptance" that leads to body mutilation

Tarak Ram

India will win


Who’s watching during the 2018 Winter Olympics



I would not wanna play a game of H.O.R.S.E with these guys.

Megan Will

R.I.P to Cody’s grandpa he was so funny


hi from easter 2016


Still not convinced that you aren’t Adam Sandler


Beautiful shades. Love the name.

CannedNoah Animates

The laughing one is my whole theater.

Joshua Chua

Go Ty


#YIAYjob Planning how to secretly divorce you

Galaxy Le

Trickshot của người già???


I live in orlando too!!


Are turkey legs in ancient castle walls bad for you?


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