Carnatic vocal recital by Anagha Yoganand

SHUBHRANG presents Vocal recital by Anagha YoganandVenue : Banglalore Gayana Samaja AuditoriumDate : 22nd December 2018Documented by Shaale Livewww.shaale.comDISCLAIMERShaale Live is a professional livestreaming / recording service & does not claim or hold any copyrights to the content produced. All rights rest with the producer or the organizer of the event or the artistes / the people involved (whichever is applicable) as per their mutual understanding / agreement. This video has been posted upon the request / approval of the producer. If you have any objection to the content, please do write to us at

Maya Grzadzinski


Anything With Joel


Jasmine Tait

ew why is this so dramatic

Feel bad for him and I’m happy that his parents are proud

Kheyaira Sharma



fuck man thats insane


VERY COOL =O! i LOVE Easter Eggs secrets theyu are op!


So does anyone know where John lives


Quake was the first ever video game i ever played, i played it on this really old computer 

James Roberts

It is to do with Minecraft because Bethesda had an argument with notch about the game scrolls saying it was copyrighted but after they made up Bethesda put it in for Mojang


i wonder who had sex first hmmmmmmm. jp


Good job ^^



Taye Anim8's

i guessed lord of the rings before cory at least ..

Hello Purple

Dude I'm going to type grand theft auto the final chapter beta

YahGamerGirlLeah FortniteJammer

Ngawwww 😭


It's not one or the other, high cholesterol levels are usually genetic in origin but they sometimes can be dietary. The good news is that these days you can easily and cheaply get your DNA checked and see, and then proceed from there.

Marble Racing Studios

Anyone from 2019????

Kevin Taylor

I play LaCrosse

Xbankrobber !

What a punk

Layla Chan

My bully from elementary school once told me she compared me to herself-physically and intelligently. But when she did, she almost sounded like she was blaming me.

Mr Random gaming

Poor panda

Eurgh Chan

You find all of that easter eggs or you scearch on web for that ? (sry for the bad english :/)

Are they trying the be the preferred console for third party games or something?

Sup guys Antony Fantano here


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