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football cards


starr lassei

The only thing literally running through my mind rn is "Those two huge sumo wrestlers can go on a rampage and literally eat everything in that office"...

TheButler DidIT

It would be insane if curry lead these hobbled warriors back from a 3-1 to get his 4th chip . Also game 6 Klay loading y’all

Tyler: not worth it


"They're not good for you...they're delicious for you" Love it!

Kirstie Roche

Proteins, something I hardly eat 😂 wahhhhhh lol

Allie Goodall

anybody else see “title” at 30:09

Patrick Bynum

Have you read the anti gravity book you can't pote it down😛😅😂😆🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯


he looking like Yu Darvish

Jacob Neff

awesome video post dude perfect


How many takes do these take

Jacko Riggzie

Ty don’t look old

Chaes Turner

so sad about your father I'd nearly cried because he died it felt like my auntie again she was to sick since I was a baby

Ethan Chiem

@minemaster1000 no you idiot its there all the time it just re freshes whenever the village comes by

Ivan Martinez Valerdi

Yes. It's just a refrence to the MGS serie.

To my crib I been going through a lot alone (Uh-huh)

Gamer Hotpoint

Ty's favoritedun


Assassin Panda!

Does Math-Homework


Mr hooman Gaming channel

Adele Easter egg got me hard xD

Florida Fishing Products

The hype is real!

dania nasreldeen


Helen Jovel

Oh man this looks so much better than the first one!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love Frozen, I’ve watched it like 100 times, both in English and Spanish, but this looks AWESOME!!! 💙💙💙❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️⛄️⛄️🍂🍂🍂🍂




anyone watching in 2018

kenneth jessen

you know its a good day when FunWithGuru uploads :D

Sunstone Sunny

Like. If. You like breads

Dad: “Prove it”

Pumpkin 872

I’ve got a Joke!!

John Larocque

Why don't we abolish American government and have an arch while we are at it.


We see the candle behind it

Ema Tukarić

Sry but this is the one of the best and sad videos on this chanell😥😥❤


Wait????Ty lost!

Roman Garcia

What how??????😣




In my head I counted 12 or 13


who the f is their composer i literally have every single album song since ep 1, they are the only group that i have every song for. literally all their songs gives me chills especially this one and utopia for ep.3

chely ಌಌ chanಌ

I'd roam with these guys in a, zombie apocalypse

Alpha Raph klm

3:39 instant karma

vijay channel ricardo

I download your game let's nice my real name is Jordan Ricardo

The Gangsta Dounut

editing god ?

Gummi Bear

So he's promoting cocaine.....and eats his cereal with booze.....god these motherfuckers are lame

memeking 0110

R.I.P basketball court 2016-2018

Kieran Oberhansli

This coming to pc?

Mr. M the Fox

I’ve never fished in my life

Good Boy Dan

you cheeky bro i gotta watch easter eggs here

sinyox bur

hahaaha is amazing


with the addition of a new editor, they should make Editor Edition 2

Jared Morrow


TianXing Yuan

Imagine he's saying: sorry bro

Golden Bullet YT

Dude perfect you guys will reach 20 million subscribers I can predict the future 👽


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