BSc Agriculture for Best Jobs Opportunities in Future (Educational Videos) #18

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zachary mayer

You should do a theory about if they could actually flip the ship in pirates of the Caribbean by just running back and forth on the deck with all the equipment unhook. I always thought this was unlikely with a ship that size

Theo Walsh




lawnmower racing battle



Weeb Trash

Man, I have.. G.A.D....I’m in middle school and I find myself worrying about strange things and I get really nervous at ( Dec 5, 2018 ) I found myself wondering if I was blinking too And then I tried to control my blinking and I freaked myself out and couldn’t breath...ugh..anyone have the same weird worries?


Me Beast You Should Try Those Fortune Telling Paper Things And Dare You Friends To Do What It Says

Jazz Rose

The driving stereotypes with Dale Earnhardt Jr.Was the best vid

Or does the writer/publisher reveal them?

Richard Shiflett


Breanna Bourque

this made me emotional what you did for them is truly amazing so thx guys

MKNinja 09

Listen to mrs potato head from melanie martinez it's good for people who dont feel good in their skin trust me listen to this song it's going to help you

Allyson Holewa


Facundo Sanchez Aubinel

What happened after the woman said that she saw a man in the tower?

tata loves you

Uhhhhh I'M AdoPtiNg

Boxatron 69

I liked the new season have to say uss callister was my favorite episode the idea that the Npcs we do whatever to as digital go EA! 0:21

Corbin Martin


Thomas Bauer

Yeah, I totally agree. I heard somewhere that driving would be a little more similar to midnight club, and I was a little disappointed because I don't like the feel in midnight club la. I reallly hope it's not like that.

Jacob Hempel

@SharpShooters27 and i guess thats why its called Field Hoop Percentage right?

T.U.J Carbuccia

Oh no he broke up on her

Ayden Milbourn

dude prefect do a grinde shot



Random Girl

Alvin and her NEED to collaborate more often they are a mood.

Pa Yumo


Andrew Nick

Sério, eu gostei muito deste video, poderia fazer mais um mostrando os easter eggs?


Kyle Lowry such a class act

Play Games Everyday

All ty


I'm girl act like boy :0 I like play with boys and hate girs.. i hate myself tooooooo

Devil of Wrath

You should do Netflix’s Special, “I am Mother,” to try and determine what happened to humanity or something as such. :) Then again man, you do what you want. I just would like to see this, but all your videos are hella good! So either way, I’m siked for the next videos.

Dqrk ツ

Invincibility glitch

💦💦💦💦 My 2 uncles died of cancer the other one he has in a lung cancer.....

Schleich Horses

😭😭😭is this true?😭I would slap that mom😡😭

Madison Acker

People don’t understand and I get bullied for anxiety attacks crying in class only if they knew and didn’t say I was a crybaby and I overreacted only if they understood only if i didn’t have anxiety or Depression I shake constantly during anxiety attacks and say if I’m cold then I have a problem I wish no one else had anxiety no one else deserves it the therapist says I can find a way to beat it here i am 1 year later anxiety attacks almost every day at school the shivering the clammy hands.... I just wish people would understand

Dadan Hidayat

wer are you a^iim naufal


what does number one mean

Iz DaGeek



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