Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap - महाराणा प्रताप - Episode 319 - 25th November 2014

"Around 400 years back, with the might of their huge armies, foreign forces, one after another, were invading the Indian territories. Afghans, Turks and then the Mughals...all had one burning desire... establishing their control over a prosperous India. But even in these hard times, there was one province which gave a bold fight to these enemies… and that was the gleaming rajya of the Rajputs- Mewar! For the rajputs, no sacrifice weighed more importance than freedom. But despite this unprecedented courage, Mughal forces often dominated over the courageous Rajputs and it seemed the desires of these enemies would be fulfilled before long. In this troubled time, the soil of Mewar gave birth to its bravest son, Maharana Pratap who became an emblem for courage for the entire country. This is the story of a great warrior king, who in personal life is an ideal son to his father, a loving son to his step mother who hates him, a soothing leader to his people in theirdifficult times and trials. He is most surprisingly the man who only had love for his brothers, who in turn were either filled with jealousy, or hatred as they wanted themselves to be the rulers of Mewar. Many of these brothers went in the service of Akbar, but as history proves, his love would change his jealous brothers melodramatically in times of War. The story of Maharana Pratap is not just the story of king who was a great warrior and who lead the army of his kingdom to victory against the armies of another empire. The story of Maharana Pratap is also not the story of a Rajput prince, who got his throne as a birthright from his father and ruled their state as a king in comfort. This story is actually the journey of a boy Pratap, who much later would earn his title Maharana, through his own deeds and dedication. Enjoy and stay connected with us!!Subscribe to setindia channel for daily entertainment dosecan also visit us at us on Facebookus on Twitterget Sony LIV app on your mobileGoogle Play - -

Alex Alley


Crazyanimallover 242

My parents are supporting me when my dream is to be an actor └(★o★)┐

Kevork Taniel


K Robin

They did a jump shot during the video


Please dude perfect do more trick shots with guns and bows

GalaxyGirlXD D

Anna is better with hair down

Numnumhotdog :3

Ugly dolls COOL

soso free

all of them are foreigners

Smokey 66

The best thing that could happen to the world of sports commentating would be if Max Kellerman would keep his punk ass bitch mouth SHUT ❗️❗️❗️

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I💘💙you dude perfect

You are soo sweet to tell all of these....

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We need part 2

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Mom:school only for girls (cuz im boy lol) My brain: I am about to end this man's career

xX Blossom Xx

It’s such a coincidence that the background music was the music that my bully played for the talent show.

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In the chicken smackers is Ty wearing a maverick shirt it looks like it


Wait isn't it Bill Gates


They must be using the Nova

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It will be a limited time only game in siege or its a full game

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1:00 I Don’t know what coby means

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If taskmaster is in here...

Onion Cutter

Does this mean that he wanted to do the dirty but she wanted to be clean

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Why is "The Dwayne" in the points HUD in Hotline Miami.


All the dislikes are they Brian's with a y . (bryan)

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Do more of this challenge

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Too much of anything is Bad for you.

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Who is the pandaofmask

Do not be deceived.

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3:29 😂🤯

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Stereotype videos are funny

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This is even more reason why NY should readopt the name of New Amsterdam

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What do you get when you eat Christmas decorations? Tintwhiste


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