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Ayy Lmao

Um Derp out on the bowling score it went 24-14 then it changed to 23-21 how does that work?

Sorry Im Legit

keep pressin 4 realy fast

Michael Sacamos Parody (Official Channel)

9:41 - 12:18 to start a bloop some Real Life Trick Shots from 1 to 3. How many times to do this trick? Single take? More takes than a single take of Harlem Globetrotters? Please respond.

Sarah TheBoss

jumps down I'M GAYYYY


nooo you talked the mystique is ruined

Clockwork Maybe

Our buses only have two seats so. Problem avoided really.

sree nantha

Your next task should be cricket trick shots and catching a lion

Roger Block

2005: red ring of death

Nathan Ryan

Do it for the hologram/hollagram

Sam Norman

Love your videos! You deserve so much more recognition!


I noticed that there are so many nods and references to space Odyssee all over the media :)

Owen Meadows

Freakin fast panda

Is he arrested? No, I decided to not call police, because I forgive him, DO not think he forced me to not call 911


Why is a hot dog so much money


heaven chants for science?

Saleem Noor

They were probably doing several takes of it...they had probably tried this a good dozen times already. When he said 'he called it' he had probably said 'we are going to make it this time!' or something along those lines. A shot like this does take trial and error and this was more than likely not his first attempt


Damn i can't even walk right at 14

AJ Gamer

Make a Blitz ball trickshots 4

Ashlynn Brusten

Its not your fault at all. You were a young girl you didnt know what was happening you didnt understand that she wasnt sleeping you cannot feel guilty about this. If only there were a way to save her. Everyone who is suffering from this. You will always have a special place for her in your heart. dont think of her as sick, think of her of those happy memories you had with her.

Caoilfhionn Ní Dhonnabhain

Wait you do fantasy football with American football?


I can swim a mile, I have twice in one day (at different times). I'm on a swim team.



NF: flex shopping cart and balloons


when i type with my pointer fingers only: hello, this is supposed to be long but i will make it shortwhen i type with 4 fingers: dgvskdgvdfvgbdfbdfgbhdbdfbdfbdkbdfbh bfgbd gbb njgbkj tgberhgbdn

Omer Barznje

Why garret did 1 trick shot

Paulina Kwiatkowska

Excuse me? "what could a twelve-year-old possibly experience that couls lead to PTSD" ? Have you even Seen whats happening to children in the World? How they can be treated? What they can experience? Im sorry but I just cant stand assigning traumatic things to adults only.

Napsta Blooky

7:24 when i saw the pepole in the truck run away i already knew that ***ts about to happen

Sam Van Beurden

normally i did shots like thees but then i took an arrow to the knee


No he doesn't...

Jwowow, a bored guy.

So Abstergio was there before Jason and the others?

call me hanna

I did help my BFF cheat, on a English Test. A student caught me and told on me

Noémie sips tea

And of course her name is Ana...

JamesTheGamer 07

Southwest only has 737

Brent Waller

i love how he checked to see which way the wind was blowing by licking his finger and putting it up. He had gloves on. lol


Hopefully this comment section wont be full of political fighting.

Aly Nicole

Peaches bday is a day before mine😭😭😭

impairedaxis 208

the outlaws 1 i was like wtf

Best Bro's

Boy this is like Justin Bieber and ludicrous ris my guy

S vlogs

Do a MTB race!!!!

Great work (:


cool vid guys

fisn nerd

You should do beyblade trick shot


She probably did not really stay for the money, but for security. She knew this situation. Break up is unknown. And she looked for the dynamics she had.


Guru = Easter Egg God

both of them were.

The Hoodie

This comment section used to be filled with “FAKE” but then people realized that that’s just a voice actress to read the story


Nick DeBoom

Haha there's 420 comments

Required Taste

did anyone else notice the curve?

The Muffin Man

This just hit me. Do you ever buy games just to show off an easter egg in them?

Keegan Helphenstine

Notice that a lost dog named bolt is shown next to the paper man paper in wreck it Ralph

Turtle 230000

Haven’t seen Tyler without his beard in Forever

Clay Ward

Stop winning ty



What is the reason???

uno a caso

You are.....the best youtuber of all time


guru, which game is your childhood game?


You should have put this scene from The Simpsons in one of the videos:

Ryan Sanghera

nice video man

Daniel Silva

I love my Xbox but sometimes.... ugh....


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