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last cats name is... striped? stripy?

Jon The Jet

can i have a t shirt

Judah Benjamin

No internet=no dude perfect😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

Brian Hunt

hes not even cutting the gum at 1:19

Graydon Mole

Twin dad

Harry Potter



Great Video Guru. Not sure if this is an Easter egg or just a reference to previous GTA games but I heard one of the cops after a shootout say "I should have stayed in Vice City".


daniel radcliffe can rap

the bipod knife as well XD

Millie Pepin

makes you realise the insane amount of work that went into this legendary game

Giorgia Xx

0:09 Mingi (brown hair); main rapper, lead dancer There are very few Youtubers that match your effort into every single video, honestly. This is just another comment on one of your videos but I hope you take it in. You're without a doubt one of the best YouTubers to ever graze this website. Keep it up man, I look forward to another 100 episodes. I 'preciate you.

Man that got deep but not really that deep.


Where’s Hawkeye?!?!

Shashwat Dwivedi

What happened to all fish that were hurted due to hook ?

Edsel Blaza

in coco too

Roman Dyakon

Does anybody know this song?

Bibiana Blarasin

I’m sooo fu**ing mad at him I would have told the police at the beginning tho

Ocean alpha Wolf

I do not have anxiety but i feel what you feel sometimes, trying to think what other people think instead of thinking what i should think.Also i used a clip from the song "i'm not her". Ready? But i'm not her, no! Never will, never gonna be like her, move like, i'm not her! No, at least thats what i heard. I heard that she's the opposite, i kinda like the sound of it, and there's no one like me, and that makes it easier. (No anxiety!

Iris R.R

I‘m not crying you’re crying😭

please sub :(


dj khaled best

Jake Krueger

You guys should get a trick shots video with Bryce Harper or Mike Trout


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