Ayurveda - The Allure of Ayurvedic Medicine in the Western World

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Sam Cocking



Brent Rivera

Izzys Animation Studios


Dark Knight


Aj Games

You momma so fat glenn's do that

Mohammed Murtaza

Nice one James

Lucy's Sausages


Purplebooty 64

You should do a face reveal with panda

Kapkan Main

on the Nuk3town easter egg, can it be more then two players shooting the manniquins heads off or does it have to be one player?


Dirty John

finger tapping forehead meme

Dalton Creech

Panda panda panda


1:32 ou mecemejibies


At 5:08 did anyone else see chad or tim holding that huge camera in the mirror😁


Upgrade it to 4 inch!

I swear man. It's like games these days are just excuses for more inside joking..


I thought you had 2 brothers???



Speed draw Wizard

Such a great kid he is great at trick shots!

janet heon

es hermoso


It's ok Guru as long as you had fun making it great video!


When that evil laugh comes up it sound EXACTLY like rayman from portal! Like so others can see!

Melo Meli

Just 💜💜💜💜💜💜🙏

Look back to my computer Im fat

Charity McCutcheon

I compare myself to the skinny, popular girls at my school. I'm completely different than them and it tears me down when I see how bigger I am than them. I'm 11 and I weigh 110 pounds while my older 13 year old sister only weighs 90. I feel so ashamed of myself and I don't feel happy with how I am and even if I try to workout, I always put myself down and don't do it again until one month later. I have learned to live with myself and I'm kinda used to it now but there's some days when I look in the mirror and I look so beautiful but the next minute, I look so hideous. I also compare my clothes to the other girls, my bff has cute and stylish clothing while I have babyish clothes. I feel like if I all of a sudden change my clothing style, people will make fun of me. The last thing I compare myself to is the pretty girl's hair. My hair is super messy and hard to deal with that I always put it in a ponytail. The other girls wear it down or in braids and buns but when I try to wear my hair differently, it doesn't work out too well. I have gone through a phase where I called myself ugly and one where I called myself pretty. I pretend I'm happy with myself so people won't worry about me but my best friend says I'm "kinda pretty" and that she's "really pretty" although I love her, it's kind of annoying and doesn't make me happy. I have tried to cure myself from my "uglyness" but it hasn't worked yet.

Army For Ever


Andy Proto

Can’t wait to play this when it’s released in 2024!

Brian Neilson

Film with von Miller


Do office love 6!!!

Master Luke

At 1:38 why did the purple hosier not want the PURPLE ONE

Grant Hinkle

We need soccer stereotypes school and airport stereotypes

The_phoenix _707

The tree wise men the3ysmen

No present is enough to be putting up with a guy who treats you bad like have some dignity

Elijah Prestridge

Do hoverboard trickshots




How many girls in the comment sections are actually tom bois XD.


do the harlem shake is an easter egg

Tanner Olson75o

Sup Guru.


I’m like good job everybody! But then Ty makes some crazy sh##

Alyssa Kush

All of them deserve to graduate!!😂

Tudo gacha

Só eu q sou Brasileira?

Christian Nation

How can sharks be this shallow

Mi amor fue real, pero al final siempre lo arruino (siempre lo arruino)

Khyra Vlogs

And so absence is a WITCH, HAHA

Jancy Pena

That sucks I would have fought back

Grumpy Monk

So your saying the birthday one is like mgs3 so that in mgs3 you set the ps2 clock a week later and the end dies but you set your birthday in mgs5 to a certain day, that day will give you a birthday cutscene.


That dude better take that hat freaken hat offSCREW MICHIGAN


i thought it wasn't going to make it at 1:57.

Theo Willis

Today she should be 5 years

Chris Redfield

I was hoping Kingdom Come would have a better reference than that


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