Comedy Videos|Double Dhamaal Nite | Kader Khan Awarded The Lifetime Comedy Award by Riteish Deshmukh

The Guru of Comedy, Kader Khan made the nation laugh and cry with him. Watch Riteish Deshmukh present the Lifetime Comedy Award to the veteran comedian on Double Dhamaal Nite, a 2011 event that celebrated the legendary comedians of Bollywood!SUBSCRIBE ToZee Cinema Channel:Click Here ►Visit our website - us on Facebook - us on Twitter - On the Subscribe Button NOW and Stay Tuned.

Captain JoJo

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rick bates

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Oskar Evans

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Hayfong Sina

Billie Eilish should watch cuz she's always depressed😂

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Kitsco 45

He sounds like Harlan Ellison when he narrated A.M. in

Jordan Banks

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chief 1 redwolf

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Pink Panda

Thank god for Polly, honestly.

Really Aloo

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Essa the gamer

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Matthew Blood

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jessica andujar

I want to see who is panda so bad

Livie / hXstilee

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This is the best Easter egg channel since they don’t have to explain it to the viewer patronisingly.

Random Soccer AM

Tyler’s dad has a fake beard

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Angel Xavier

Why do some parts looks like the animation for them came out of kingdom hearts 3


Before I clicked the vid my first thought was: Will he put Warcraft III there, since iv'e been revisiting the game recently. Sony still gonna above Xbox.

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