A Sacred Gift (NIT Raipur)

Whatever we are today, is all because of our college. We have achieved so much all only because of our college.Now its our turn for payback.!!!!Connect with us:Facebook: any kind of video production services contact: 9977322123, 8103455678

JRice 1012

If u landed in the water it would still be as deadly as dirt cause of the speed


what's the song name


He is retarted

bello fello

team ty for life


10, 000 Lad poimts to you my san


Face reveal?


After watching this video, I had a reading comprehension at school based on this same story.When i was reading the first paragraph, i saw her name; Julianne Koepcke.I immediately remembered watching this, and I remembered every single detail about this story, so without reading the story, i nailed the reading comprehension! I was like, "Wow thank god I watched this just last night".

Kenji _oki

I think the last of us American daughter is a comic book series.

Natali Taylor

probably the fishing in the aquarium


lets go Ryan Swope


You got some excellent taste in music.



Anyways POINT IS if your a minor it sucks getting help in certain areas cause they never believe it till they see it 🤧

Tobias Ols

Hey dude Can u Put a text Why The easter Egg is there Guz some Easter eggs I dont Undrestand So plz Do it on all The easter Eggs

Uuuhhhh....i guess.

Consistently Random

Her lips look terrible!

Hypno Art

I honestly feel stupid cause I cried at the last point.... like why did I fricking cry

Zaki Ahmed

Do tennis

zachary House

Shut up Denny calls you have no room to talk

I ki

Hot Lincs

2:47: What???



Ella DIY

I’m the speed demon

Tom Tam

Elsa's girl crush game is gonna became even stronger in this one

Emily The dragon!

1:34 look at the boys doesn't it look kinda, wrong???

nostalgia boner


gerrit hüning

There should also be a fancy dribbler who never drives in the end!


Tyler is the most talented in Dude Perfect, He got a lot of world records.

Lillian Witte

That shits deep man....

Salar Sorensen

Y not do a tour in Toronto? You hate Canadian's eh?


Where’s cody

Jameela Abdulkareem


Dayne Plays

Sweet I like the first trick

Liquid Snake

5:42 - 6:19

Elisha Harary

great corys eyebrows grew back great

J.T Beats

In the movie lilo and stitch the part when Nani and agent bubbles walk in the back door a shampoo or some type of soap has a Mickey Mouse face on it like a label its a green bottle


Coby you can do it!


Guru you should make an Easter egg video about the Kings Quest Remake


3:23 what does that even MEAN

Julia ツ

This happened to me in elementary school and I later befriended the victim and she was one of my closest friends after that.

VAN gaming

is this a fetish clip?

Yash Patel

i have that hoop

Sharaf Rogers

there's 4 teddy bears on the map .when you were in the garden and you went inside the house there was one right there but you passed it so that's how there are 4 I am not sure so there are 4 or 5.☺

If you don’t like starbucks you

Jack Frost

Chocolate or vanilla?

Addisen Reich

He loves Taylor Swift💏



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