ARPA PAIRI KE DHAR - अरपा पैरी के धार - Mamta Chandrakar - Audio Song - Audio Jukebox

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Vince D

Mafia 3?

Mia Espinoza

Jen will forever be my #1 woman crush ❤❤😍😍

Heard them niggas throwing shade

Dea Hjako

this shit bangs, don’t really like when artists use God titles tho

So we spent his last minutes in the hospital


Who saw ty at 3:57? oh and whos watching in 2019]

Connor2 Gamer

Ilove you guys


ahsan rehman

"A woman..." was the best part 😂😂😂

Me: nawh, lets just say you a DIC-


CYBERPUNK 2077, it's very interesting to wait for the official launch to try it .....

Possy Slayz

Can you make cod advance warfare easter eggs??

Venomous Cow

3:00 there’s a milk on the batterie shelf

Mr Amarello

Oh It's mine, sorry, bad serial killer, very bad.

My ramdom sparks of Joy

50 shades of grey.


One Sock Wonder

The rabbit is actually max

Dean Varsano

If they put Toto’s “Africa” in there it would be so good


see she has replaced Jordan

Blog M

I did not see that coming

Gladiator King

Guys u should try burj khalifa

Camila cajas

Por que Annan en ingles


Or some bullshit like that 😂😂😂

Undead 12335

One of the worst games I've ever played

gets hit by backpack 😂

xxxmariafreal garcia14

Prayer to the person that died😞R.I.P

he makes the pen go click clacc

Seankolt 33


Faith Tv

I’m pretty sure no rich man would share his story on this .

Her: I felt weak and powerless.

Vegito Blue

Love the last easter egg!

Un Kurwa dans America

The one in the middle, gets me every time!

Pragalbha Ghatigar

I'm not crying,,you are

Jason Young

Stephen A smith only sucking up to KD because he wants him on the knicks. If he doesn't go there the attacks will be back

madhavi m

U made me call u "perfect"dude perfect

yeet yah

I love this


The impact Durant had in that game for the short period of time that he played was incredible. Raptors should take this loss and be grateful that they may not face him in the next game. Get well soon KD!

Austin Garruba

Good job, Corden...I'll totally come watch you perform on Broadway...I see a future for you on Broadway!

Abdo Z2d

you are the best shooters in the world

Armand Esterhuizen

The bad guys are literaly the left. You know?liberals.

Candace S

It says all sports battle but there is no golf

And also

Diamond _ Source

His noise made me poop my pants

Irene Abelgas

I thought Mic drop by BTS

Harreh Pottah

Why am i crying?

gacha girl ashleyplayzz

3:33 first his hair was orange then at 5:28 its brown get your hairs right I'm not being mean


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